Danny MacAskill - Cascadia in Virtual Reality

We’ve seen some crazy views from some 360° cameras like the 360Fly and Nikon’s Keymission 360, and last week GoPro started spreading rumors at CES about coming out with a 360° cam of their own…. then we saw this! Although this new wave of video footage may seem bit hard to watch, they give the viewer a unique view that can be astonishing in the right setting. GoPro’s Cascadia, we featured not too long ago was beautifully hard to watch, and this one is no better.

Even if you don’t have an Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard, you can still flick the image around on your touch screen device and see all of Danny’s horrifically scary beautiful surroundings.

Hold on to your Virtigo… this thing gets trippy!



  1. In case those who watched haven’t tried, you can click on the video (on a computer) and move the view around so that you can see 360˚.

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