jetroll hypersonic x15

Even for cyclists who aren’t professed weight weenies, we all seem to like cutting grams where we can. In spite of the attention bike components receive for their weight, often the accessories we bring with us on the ride get a free pass. Seeing as how many riders are shocked to find out how much their bike actually weighs once it hits the road, if you care about the grams on your bike, you should care about the grams of your ride kit.

That goes for your flat kit too. And if you wrap your flat kit up in one of the many popular tool rools on the market, that wrap should be subject to the scale as well. Always looking for the next way to reinvent the tool wrap, JET Roll is back a it with what has to be one of, if not the lightest tool wrap on the market…

Jet roll hypersonic x 15 lightest tool wrap
Photos c. JET

Following the JET roll pattern, the Hypersonic X-15 uses a super thin and strong material for the wrap’s ‘skin’ but eliminates the two button closure found on the standard Hypersonic. That gives it a total weight of 12g (+/- 5g) without the strap. Sold with a lightweight nylon toe strap with a metal buckle, the wrap also includes two JET Roll Tube bands which are useful for keeping inner tubes compact, or for even wrapping around the tool roll when it’s in your jersey pocket. Offered in Vapor White with matte black detail and neon orange or yellow stitching, Hypersonic X-15 wraps are available for $50.


  1. I don’t really get it. Get a light frame pump with a hose, one tube, levers, and a patch kit and you can get as many flats as you can dream of without extra weight. That way, this bag could be made even lighter

  2. They give the weight as “12g (+/- 5g)”. That a variation of +/- 40%. Somebody’s quality control need work. So, does the real weight weenie weigh a bunch of these things to determine the lightest one?

  3. And if you ride less than 100 km on the road, you only need one large water bottle so you can use a tool bottle and have room in there for everything plus the phone, house keys, etc. All while lowering the bike’s center of gravity, allowing for the use of an Ass-Saver in inclement weather, freeing up your jersey pockets and having all that one carries completely sealed off from the elements.

  4. I live in FL, and if I tried to ride 100km (~3 hours) on one water bottle I’m pretty sure it would be a bad time. It’s hot, and I get thirsty.

  5. I think it’s the heading – if you are worried about the weight of your tool roll….

    All other thoughts aside, I think it looks quite nice and as someone in this game, I am really digging that orange stitch detail!

  6. That’s great – but as soon as you ride the thing on a rough road your post or rails will wear a hole in the material. There’s a reason why leather or cordura is best.

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