wahoo cycling standup desk for athletes

Looking to make a little more of your trainer sessions? Or maximize your work time? Wahoo has just the tool to add to your training arsenal – A stand up desk.

The Wahoo Fitness Desk has a one-button adjustable position, switching from sitting to standing heights (33″ to 48″ / 88.8cm to 121.9cm). The surface has a grippy texture to keep your laptop from sliding off, plus a built-in tablet and smartphone stand and cable ports.

If you’re asking “why?”, think training apps. With the growth of training platforms like Zwift, Bkool, Sufferfest, TrainerRoad and more, the ability to stick your laptop directly in front of you makes a lot of sense. The frame is steel and has wheels to make moving it easily. More pics, specs and pricing below…

wahoo cycling standup desk for athletes

The base measures 28″ wide by 30″ deep, and the desk platform is 28″ x 14″. The rubber desk mat is removable for easy washing ’cause, you know, you’re gonna sweat on it.

wahoo cycling standup desk for athletes

Retail is $229, which actually puts it at the more affordable end of the spectrum for well made adjustable standup desks. The fact that it’s designed to fit a bike under it is pure bonus.

wahoo cycling standup desk for athletes

Available now at WahooFitness.com.


  1. How do you do anything on your computer with your body moving all around and your hands on the hoods?
    Could be useful for streaming TV shows while training though…But real work? No way!

  2. My new product on the other hand, clips onto your handlebars like aerobars, with arm supports, so you can type while riding.

  3. I like how in the publicity shot the guy on the bike isn’t even logged into his computer. He’s staring at a password prompt on the lock screen!

  4. Corrected article heading: “Wahoo spins out a standup desk for use with any trainer”

    Nothing about this is specific to the Wahoo brand trainers, other than those that must match all of their pricey accessories.

    On topic, it is spendy, but well thought out accessory. I’ve seen several clean and very messy solutions by riders posting their setups on FB pages centered around indoor training.

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