airsupply bicycle seatpost tire pump with flex hose

We’ve seen integrated seatpost pumps before, combining a bicycle tire pump into the seatpost, but we’ve never seen the hose directly attached to it. The obvious benefit is that you no longer need to remove the post/pump from the frame, and thanks to the flexible coil hose, it’ll reach both front and rear tires.

The project is called AirSupply, and it’s the brain child of Alexander Haager. He started dreaming it up in 2008 at age 15, and by 2013 he’d gone through dozens of design iterations and hundreds of prototypes to arrive at a production ready design. Between now and then, he and his team have lined up manufacturing partners and a support staff, passed EN testing and have it ready to go. Now, all they need to see their dreams (and your tires) inflate is a little support on Kickstarter…

airsupply bicycle seatpost tire pump with flex hose

The quick specs are:

  • integrated LED rear safety light
  • integrated pressure gauge
  • forged 6061+7075 aluminum construction
  • ø 27.2mm; seat post adaptors are included for larger diameter frames
  • length: 15,7″
  • hose easily reaches both the front and rear tire
  • when pumping the saddle is rotatable 360º making it easy to access the valves
  • compatible with all valves
  • 8 BAR / 116 PSI pressure
  • weight 480g / 16.9oz

airsupply bicycle seatpost tire pump with flex hose

The coiled hose packs inside the included saddle bag, which has an LED blinky light fixed to the back of it. To use the pump, simply twist the locking collar to release the upper shaft and pump away. When finished, twist it back to keep things secure and you’re off to the races.

airsupply bicycle seatpost tire pump with flex hose

Another great design feature is that it’s sized for 27.2mm ID, letting it fit just about any modern frame on its own or with adapters.

Grab one on early bird special for $40, with other deals ranging from $50 to $109 depending on how many and what extras you want. Or, go big with a $5,000 pledge and get a two-night stay in Woodstock, NY, with Haager and Michael Lang, the founder of the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair 69 (who’s also the project director for AirSupply). Check it on Kickstarter here.


  1. Great device if you don’t know how to change a flat and want to pump your punctured tube up every 45 seconds on your way to work or school

  2. only interested if it can stay attached while riding, maintaining a constant tire pressure…AND, if it comes with a companion stem-mounted one for the front tire…

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