club ride quick drop womens cycling bibshorts

Long a dilemma for female cyclists, bib shorts provide great support and comfort, but they make bathroom stops cumbersome at best, embarrassing or too revealing at worst.

Club Ride founder Mike Herlinger has been working on a solution for quite some time, showing us prototypes with clips and other designs over the past year. But, according to Mike, those solutions weren’t perfect:

“We felt that clips or other style of attachments where bulky and did not allow easy enough use for the garment to perform. (This) is a revolutionary approach to allowing a women to do the deed outside when there is no bathroom available… or even when there is to allow keeping her top on and not fully dis-robing.”

Here’s how it works…

club ride quick drop womens cycling bibshorts

The rear panel is a lightweight mesh with an overlapping section across the lower back. That flap provides full coverage and is held up with two long zippers on the sides of the legs. Unzip them to flip down the rear of the shorts and there’s enough slack to hold the panel way out in front while, well, you know.

The mixture of ActiveAir mesh with RideXDry Lycra/nylon allows great breathability while being worn under baggies (the mesh is somewhat see through not eh side panels, so these are meant to be worn under shorts. A yoga style front band eliminates pressure across the waist and tummy, and side adjusted shoulder straps are positioned so they won’t squash the breasts.

They use Club Ride’s premium 8mm thick, dual density perforated chamois pad with gel insert and have an 8″ inseam. Retail is $89.


  1. Just showed this to my wife. Her response “Eww, No. That would chafe.” Hopefully someone did their research!! I like the look of a lot of their stuff though.

  2. I still vote for the Specialized Hook-Up Bib by far! This one looks horrible. I would never want a zipper going down the sides of my legs.

  3. Thanks for all the comments. To respond to the bulk of the comments about chafing, and zippers down the side of your leg:
    We have been working on this project for the past 2 seasons allowing us to do substantial research and development on the Quick Drop Bib. Our development team has worked with the zipper manufacture to produce a soft and flexible tape on the zipper to eliminate the possibility of binding or chafing. We have been testing the Quick Drop Bib on 2 pro level female racers and 5 female mountain bike enthusiasts. After final tweeks of zipper placement and tape choice the end result is a product that does what it is suppose to do with a high level of performance and comfort.
    Most comments on the final Bib from our testers was that they did not recognize that the garment had zippers UNTIL they needed it, the pad provided a high level of comfort and performance, the bib straps where placed correctly and the drop seat was easy to use during.. , well you get it.
    Again, thanks for the comments as we do listen. Keep them coming!!

    Mike Herlinger

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