2017 Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 spy shot by Melbourne Uni Cycling Club

Thanks to a reader from Melbourne Uni Cycling Club, this pic appears to reveal the next generation Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 crankset and rear derailleur. The brake rotors also appear to be updated. While it is a surprise to see it pop up somewhere other than a major UCI pro race on team bikes, it’s not a surprise that it’s out there. Their usual product cycle led us to believe something would be shown this year -the current DA9000 group came out in 2013– and comments from other vendors who make power meters and related items reinforced that hunch.

Based on what we can see here, it remains an 11-speed group. But, that’s an awfully long derailleur cage, suggesting some wider range gearing options may be in the works for cyclocross and gravel bikes. There’s still a wire there, too.

The crank arms are a little taller, which gives the illusion of being flatter. The asymmetric four-arm spider carries on and mates to what seems to be a more robust large chainring. The teeth are darker, which could mean a hard ano finish to reduce friction.

Shimano does not typically comment on as-yet-unreleased groups, but we’ve reached out and will update with any fresh news. See anything else? Let us know in the comments!


  1. That is odd. It could also just be a direct mount style hanger for a thru axle frame. The RD itself doesn’t look like a direct mount mounting, which is normally just to remove that extra link on a MTB RD. I’d be worried if Shimano was trying to push a new standard. Also is interesting to see no one seems to be seriously pushing for 12 speed as of now. I suspected this might be the case for a while now, but the big push for this generation is discs (more specifically hydros) and thru axles, and possibly Di2 at lower levels. So we end up with another long 9-speed era, even if Campy busts out a 12 speed groupset.

    Also the Sora PR seems to indicate they are switching everything to blackish. Maybe at least a low end chainring won’t look awful on a high end crank.

  2. The non-drive side flange of the rear hub looks very much like that of the current Dura-Ace WH9000 C50 wheel. Except that it has a disc brake rotor. Could very well be a glimpse of the new Dura Ace disc wheelset.

    • Shimano was pushing 12mm thru axle wheels and discs with their 2017 Sora PR, so it would make sense. I suspect the big thing this year for Shimano is push discs which was foreshadowed the the flat mount standard release a couple years ago. The big news is probably a handful of grams, black parts, and hydraulic DA levers.

  3. I really really hope they changed the BCD on their 4 arm cranks. It could be a tiny bit smaller. Maybe 1-2mm for kicks

    • This may very well be the case. It would make sense for Shimano to bridge the gap between their XTR and Dura-Ace lines by having common components between the two. For example, a common rear derailleur body (with a clutch, as is hinted in the picture here), with a shorter length cage for road use and a longer cage for mtb use. It would simplify their production lines and fill the gap for the gravel and cyclocross markets which are not satisfied by pure road nor pure mtb parts. I would find this a great choice for Shimano. Especially if they kept their 11-speed mtb/XTR cassettes as they are now, that is to say compatible with a 10-speed freehub body.

  4. I have to imagining the main intent with the new group was to make a cohesive branded groupset revolving around the use of disc brakes for both UCI and OEM use.

    If that is the case, there may not be any big technological advancements, other than some small tweaks and cosmetic updates to look new and fancy.

  5. Dont forget. There is a small “box” in the spider of the crank, which could hint (no – it definetely is!) to a shimano-powermeter. Small, hidden and for left and right crank. Was also seen on some FDJ-Team bikes with the current 9000DA crank in a race a few days/weeks ago.
    The disk-spiders look like carbon to me.

  6. Not a happy camper. I hate black components. I hate smoked finishes. Both wear off. SRAM making black cogs and black chain rings for MTB and even the eTap crank is puzzling. A pox on black. I like polished Aluminum. Current Dura Ace is tolerable but too much black paint on the brakes. Let’s all take a breath and leave at 11 speed for the next 50 years…

    • Great news!! Rim brakes have not been abandoned in the new Dura Ace!! The cassette, from the looks of it, has definitely a wider range than 11-28. Possibly 11-32 or even 11-34.

  7. I love it! Mag drive system with no friction losses and the shoes click directly into the crankarms. No chain and no pedals reduces cost and weight!

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