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Xpedo has been taunting us with their dual-sided power pedal for some time now, but the price has kept many interested. Before releasing it into the wild, they decided to make some final and rather significant tweaks. Also, if power isn’t your thing, Wellgo’s new Cadence pedal is now available too. Check the low down on both below the fold…

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It’s been 2 years since we first saw Xpedo’s Thrust E power pedals in Taipei, but now they’ve made some significant updates and are saying the pedals should be available by Eurobike 2016 which is in early September. Coming in at 385g, the Xpedo Thrust E 2.0 now will have both Bluetooth and ANT+, letting it work with just about any device designed to display power. They also replaced the rechargeable battery with easy-to-acquire AAs, with one said to be good for up to 100 hours. To make it as simple as possible, the pedals will now only require a 1-step calibration vs. the 7 (yikes!) in the first version. The pedals measure power within a +/- 2% accuracy and should remain at the $1,100 retail price.

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Keeping things much more simple, yet still effective, Wellgo’s new Cadence Pedal works via both Bluetooth & ANT+ and come in at 293g for the pair. As you’d guess they just transmit cadence; they are currently available and retail for $200.


  1. Dr_LHA on

    Or pay the extra $99 and get Powertap P1 pedals today. What am I missing here? The price is no great deal in today’s market.

  2. Bill on

    What is the draw to bluetooth? I’m dead serious. Smartphones with screens on and GPS running cannot do a 4 hour ride, let alone with bluetooth on. Little garmins can do 9-10 hours with ANT+ just fine though.

    • Marin on

      Sure they can. Especially if you make a proper app which uses less screen and pair it with AMOLED display. Besides, do you really need to have screen on all the time?

      • gabor on

        Without seeing the numbers on the fly, what is the reason of having a power meter? Just the analysis after the ride is not enough for a proper progress. Using smartphones as bike computer is still a joke. You can buy cheap ANT+ head units what can display all the necessary information. If someone spends 1000 bucks for a power meter, should have additional 100 bucks for a head unit (not to mention that a smartphone costs much more)

    • dr_lha on

      I use a iPhone as my primary bike computer. Screen stays off for rides, it’s in my jersey pocket. I have a Wahoo RFLKT to show me the numbers on my handlebars. I also have bluetooth HR and Speed/Cadence sensors. With this configuration last year I did a 113 mile ride and still had 45% left on the battery at the end of it.

  3. Mikey on

    The Thrusts have been very close to finished products for two years now. I’m not too sure they will even make it by Eurobike. I really hope they do, more competition helps push the prices down for consumers and more alternatives are always welcome.
    The cadence pedals seem a bit pricey compared to regular pedals plus a separate sensor.

  4. TimB on

    AA’s are not very consistent in their voltage discharge. How will this affect the accuracy and data transmission of the pedal as battery reaches 50% capacity?

  5. Rod on

    Sure they can. I attempted an 85 km fatbike race with a Bluetooth HR monitor and and iPhone 5. I DNF’d after 7.5 hours and the phone still had about 10% power in it, despite the cold conditions. Sure, it wasn’t optimal and the Garmin had much more juice left, but this was a test to determine the limits of the equipment. I ended up finding my own!

    If you’re skeptical I can link the ride on Strava.

    • Nick on

      the benefit of dual ant+ / BTLE for me, is to have realtime readouts via ant+ to my PT joule GPS while at the same time have my phone record the data via BTLE just for strava.


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