Tune adds another option for out-front GPS mounting, this time with a connection directly to the face plate bolts of their popular and light Geiles 4.0 stems. The new Porteur takes a simple stem mounted design and does it up in Tune’s machined to the minimum style. The mount combines a replaceable Garmin quarter turn interface with a Di2 junction box to put all of your electronics in one place. Check out a couple more shots, plus weight and availability after the jump…

BFS_Tune-Porteur_Garmin+Di2-stem-mount_02 BFS_Tune-Porteur_Garmin+Di2-stem-mount_03

At just 21g the Porteur isn’t going to add much weight to your already light Tune stem, and includes the required longer bolts . The mount is compatible with even the larger Edge 1000 computers and keeps the face of the GPS about even with the top of your stem. The angle is not adjustable, so those who are riding with a #slamthatstem -17° Geiles might not get an optimal angle on the screen.

It also does not (yet) have a hole for the Garmin barometer sensor that is right at the center of the quarter-turn mount, so would require a quick hit with a small drill bit to be sure to more accurately track elevation changes. Here’s hoping that Tune will address that before people start buying a bunch of these. Tune is a small company, so hopefully will take user input into consideration and make the minor update needed asap.

We didn’t get any word on pricing as of yet, but it is expected to be available to buy at the end of April 2016 through regular Tune dealers.


Also available from Tune at the end of April is a new Babo mixed tapered headset. It basically combines the top of their semi-integrated headset with an external lower cup for tapered steerer compatibility for straight 44mm diameter head tubes.


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