Tern P1100423

Yes… Taipei Show. I know many took a gander at this and assumed it could be another NAHBS masterpiece, but it is in fact a collaboration between Tern and Kitt Design to develop a line called Roji Bikes.

Check out the details on this steel beast plus you can’t miss the Ferrari of folding bikes with Tern’s new flagship folder… The Blackbird…

Tern P1100426 Tern P1100425
Flat bars, quill stem, down-tube shifters and snappy geometry are what you might find hanging up in the back of a bike shop that was Frankenstein’d together into a lunch/”my car won’t start” bike from hell. I have some fond memories of ripping around on old race bikes turned shop bikes, and that was the first thing that came to mind when I saw Tern’s “Roji” Gleam… but it was gorgeous! The Gleam’s steel fillet frame had simple fast lines with a beautifully over-done head & seat-tube joints and a straight bladed fork to keep steering tight. The bike even sports Dura Ace downtube shifters to crank out the 10 speeds out back!

Tern P1100429 Tern P1100428

The super simple Tektro brake levers were right at home on this bike and the lock-on grips are further proof this bike is a pretty smart build. The frame rolls on 650c wheels and has eyelets for rack and fenders. All of this runs a not so bad $1,500, but, and this is a big BUT… The Roji line is currently only available in Japan (I know I know).  However, Tern founder, Joshua Hon hinted that they might see wider release in the future depending on distributor’s interests.

Tern P1100430

Though there are a couple more models you can find on their site, the Clutch rounds out the line with this aluminum offering. Though it may not appear to be as exciting as the Gleam, it is just over 25% the price at $400.

Tern P1100436

For those that want a pretty badass folding bike with modern tech, this might need to be on the short list. Sporting some fairly big 26 inch wheels, the Eclipse x-22 runs an Ultegra/105 2 x 11 drivetrain and SLX hydraulic disc brakes. The paint color is even called “SR-71” which pays homage to the real Blackbird.

Tern P1100437

The frame folds in as little as 10 seconds with just a couple flicks.

Tern P1100439

The Syntace VRO handlebar/stem can be fine tuned to suit your ride position, so slam that stem if you wish!

 Tern P1100440 Tern P1100438

The handlebar/stem folds in a way to keep things tidy and untangled when collapsing into the bike and locks securely in place when in ride mode.

Tern P1100441 folded

Believe it or not, this it what it looks like when folded. Though a little on the pricey side, there is also a Shimano Tiagra version that goes for $1,500.



  1. nice, now do it in carbon and bring that weight down to about 11 kg and I might think about replacing my cyclocross bike with it. Until then, my Verge X10 will have to be my city bike and I’ll keep my cyclocross.
    Also, I like Montague’s folding mechanism more, but they don’t have any plans for carbon and real race / cyclocross versions either. But good to see that full size folders are being worked on.

    • 650c has been a common smaller version of road wheels for over 25 years. There was a trend in triathlon for a while in the 1990’s to use them. Custom builders often design 650c wheel road bikes for smaller riders. I’m sure 650c mentioned about the above bike is correct.

    • Despite the rarity of 650c, which has an ERTRO of 571 (vs. 584 for 650b) here in the US, the Gleam was designed for the Japanese market where it is still very much alive due to the higher demand for smaller sized bikes. So yes, 650c is correct. – ed.

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