sram eagle 1x12 xx1 and x01 mountain bike group technical details

Now that we’ve covered the technology and design behind the all-new SRAM Eagle 12-speed mountain bike groups, it’s time to list out the official specs and actual weights for both XX1 Eagle and X01 Eagle. Both are shown for all components, plus specs for the Gripshift option, which wasn’t on hand to weigh or photo. Official photos are shown at bottom of post. Surprisingly, there’s not much difference in total weight, with the cassette being identical between the two save for color. The chain is also shared, just with various color options. Here’s the list…



XX1 GXP Crankset (493g).


Rear derailleur (265g) and cassette (360g).


Trigger shifter (124g) and chain (260g).


XX1 Eagle pricing:

  • Cranks – $425 | €463 | £356
  • Cassette – $420 | €458 | £353
  • Chain – $60-85 | €66-92 | £50-71
  • Triggers – $162 | €170 | £131
  • Gripshift – $148 | €155 | £119
  • Derailleur – $289 | €304 | £234



X01 GXP crankset (520g).


Derailleur (276g) and cassette (354g).


Triggers (124g) and chain (260g).


X01 Eagle pricing:

  • Cranks – $390 | €426 | £328
  • Cassette – $360 | €392 | £302
  • Chain – $60-85 | €66-92 | £50-71
  • Triggers – $127 | €145 | £112
  • Gripshift – $118 | €134 | £103
  • Derailleur – $220 | €240 | £185

It’s worth noting that all products shown above are last-stage preproduction models, not official first run production.


SRAM-Eagle-12-speed-cranksets-XX1 SRAM-Eagle-12-speed-cranksets-X01 SRAM-Eagle-12-speed-derailleurs-XX1 SRAM-Eagle-12-speed-derailleurs-X01 SRAM-Eagle-12-speed-cassettes SRAM-Eagle-12-speed-chains SRAM-Eagle-12-speed-trigger-gripshift-shifters

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Be sure to check out the full tech story behind this new group here. Stay tuned for our first ride review from the inaugural 2016 Italian Super Enduro series event!


    • I’m running xx1 right now, and if I were to head down the eagle path, the advantage would be running a 36 or 38 t ring in the front…match my current granny, but now I’d really be able to hammer on shallow descents (say in races like Leadville or Laramie Enduro).

      Now if I lost 10-15 pounds, I’d likely be able to push a 36 anyway…

        • Racing Leadville for the first time this year… not really my kind of race when I see pictures of riders with full TT helmets and shoe covers, but it’s close and has some prestige. Were you ridding XX1, and if so, what ring did you use?

          • I was riding a Jet 9 with XX1 with a 28 (yes…) up front. Leadville 50 is mostly slowish non-technical climbing so it worked well enough. There is just one super fast fireroad descent where I was super duper spun out.

    • XT should come out with gold painted trim, raise the price 5 times, a couple of small carbon pieces added for weakness, then EVRYONE would want it!!! oh, and it would still be BETTER & CHEAPER !!!

  1. Love the bling of the eagle.
    somehow the weights of everything is higher than XX1 except for the crankset which is MUCH lighter (heck its lighter than race face next sl crankset ONLY)

    • Ceramic bearings, maybe extra stiffness, price differences aren’t that big. Look at SRAM RED and Force, there is pretty much a 100% price difference for almost the same difference in weight

      • Both XX1 and Xo1 Eagle rear derailleurs spec stainless bearings.
        Ceramic bearings separated the “normal” or “old” or 11-speed XX1 from X01.

  2. I’ll be buying when e*thirteen makes a cheaper cassette with replaceable cogs. It’ll likely be almost the same weight too

    • Comments like like that seem to get me going.. SRAM has put a lot of effort into changing the industry’s standards. So when you say I’ll buy it once somebody knocks it off and makes a cheaper’re basically saying screw the innovators. Nice.

      • No, I’m not. The cassette from e*thirteen is far more innovative. The fact that you can replace cogs and it’s cheaper is huge. I’d actually pay more to be able to replace cogs. They’re actually doing this one thing better than SRAM. I buy SRAM for everything else.

        ***So, SRAM really grew by making cassettes that worked for Shimano parts. Is SRAM terrible for doing that?

      • Ryan, I disagree.
        There is no doubt SRAM has been the driving force in changing the bike industry with its production of 1x systems and it will only continue with Eagle. At this point it’s common for many frames to be 1x specific, because of SRAM. This change and the desire of consumers to convert everything else to 1x also helped spawn or grow several small machine shop brands who now focus on 1x specific parts. To me this shows Sram’s influence has helped to create a small but noticeable resurgence in these little guy machine shop companies that seemed missing for several years.

        I’m not seeing this as a bad thing. Obviously wolf tooth, one up or e13(no offense to any of them) are not going to put sram out of business. Clearly there’s enough demand for everyone products right now and to me that’s a good sign.

    • I started to look it up, I think it’s like 100+ grams different, depending on your cassette size, which includes cassette+FD+crank. I don’t think the weight savings is that critical, but to some it may be.

  3. All drivetrains should have to increase gearing to the next prime number from here on out. If you can’t make it from 13 to 17, don’t waste my time.

  4. The Gold and Black Eagle looks like something from Burt Reynold’s Screaming Chicken Trans-Am.

    Yes – they totally should have had Burt Reynolds sell me on this idea. Then I’d be stoked.

    • Nah, Yumeya was a mix of mainly white with a little bit of gold. SRAM is basically bringing back the gold color scheme they had available on their last generation X0 drivetrain.

  5. X01 cassette is lighter and cheaper than XX1.
    I guess the gold paint adds to the weight, but at least it’s bling bling.

  6. A presumably yet even thinner chain than 11spd?? Not to go all Pepperidge Farms on it, but I remember when you could ride a 9spd drive train all season, bashing off everything, and it would still shift. With the 11spd stuff it seems like sometimes you just *breathe* on it wrong and it’s starts shifting less than optimally. The thinner chains/tighter tolerances can really be a pain…so this? I’d rather bottle bovine flatulence in a barnyard all day. I love ya Sram, but you can keep this one fellas.

      • Well boss, looks like you might want to examine what you “think” next time:
        “Cassette cog spacing is 3.8mm on their 11-speed groups, but that shrinks to 3.65mm for Eagle’s 12 speed (with a slight bit more room between the smallest two cogs to accommodate the angle of the chain there). Chain width goes from 5.6mm on 11 speed to 5.25mm with 12 speed.”
        I think the fact that they have to redesign the chainrings and make a proprietary chain to make it all work backs up my previous point, but you can draw your own conclusions.

  7. Range, Range, Range! That’s all anyone seems to care about. I like to shift, a lot. I like small jumps in my gearing, and a 2x works great for that. All this effort, special cassettes, special mechanisms to hold the chain on the chainring.. all of this so people don’t have to shift the front? Just make the front shifting work, and you can have my money, SRAM. We don’t need more gears. We haven’t since nine speed but we kept saying “Ok” because more gears came with other advancements too. This is just another big ass cog in the back to justify not having front shifting.

    • Precisely. Small jumps is so key. Even between 9 and 11 I can feel a huge difference, and I find myself getting annoyed at the lack of an intermediate cog between some of the jumps in my 9 speed! Now it’s just 1x, and you’ve lost a lot in the middle.

    • I was just saying earlier that 9spd was the perfect chain for mtb. A 2×9 system would be so, so good. I always appreciated the very positive ka-chunk of a 8 or 9spd chain shift. It shifts with authority, and the tune seems to hold true longer.

  8. Who is this supposed to appeal to? Fat trail doods? Remember when it was a bit of an insult to need a super granny gears and only appeared on hybrids? I love all 20 of my xtr gears. Please stop making mountain biking slower sram!

    • This makes MTB faster because now you can finally run a 38 up front and get truckin on downhills while still being able to push more than 60 rpm on a climb

  9. When SRAM makes a trigger shifter that can do multiple shifts in BOTH directions..I might consider using it again on my own rigs. Until then, meh.

  10. Too much chain running a bigger front ring and a 50t. e13’s 9-44 has the right idea by upping the range of 11 speed for those who aren’t happy with 10-42. I’m just hoping the next drivetrain change will be gearbox related.

  11. To me the return of ‘gripshift’ a few years back said, and says, it all.

    SRAM built itself on it, it was great, it worked, it was simple and people loved it. I even loved the ‘Halfpipe’. THEN they said no! You need triggers, not gripshift, triggers are BETTER. And they flogged that. For years. THEN! They bring gripshift back, all high end and say… guess what? It’s da bomb, that’s why it’s on offer for the top shelf.


    All this has the same waft of funk about it.

  12. i think sram put its self in the hole on this one. XD driver was a huge deal and still today people hate the idea of two different c-body standards. then today they release a group set that adds two more proprietary parts (chain and chain ring). i think its funny that some people say Sram is pushing new standards to forward the industry. but i wonder if those people have notice no one else but sram is using such standards.

    • Yup. If only someone like ethirteen would make an 11 speed and 10 speed cassette utilizing the XD driver which is widely available from EVERY hub manufacturer except Shimano.

    • You know Campy made 11 speed first along with proprietary chains right? Then aftermarket stuff, Shimano and SRAM came on board. It was bound to happen, someone had to do it first. Do you just want something wider than Boost spacing so cassettes can get wider and wider? Chainlines would get worse without lengthening stays. Also, SRAM makes 11speed cassettes that fit on Shimano bodies. You mad because Shimano doesn’t make an xD ready cassette?

  13. SRAM should take advantage of all the press attention with the announcement of this new groupo and add a product recall notice at the same time. That would save everyone a lot of time and inevitable effort in the not too distant future.

  14. Does anybody know what q-factor for BB30 that new crank has? There was always an option to choose from… but i don’t see it now…

  15. nice groupset, only complaints are cassette price, chainring price, and that everything lasts much less than a 2x system. Also there is little weight saving compared to a 3x, with a ti road cassette, cassette jumps are bigeer, and, center of gravity of the bike goes a bit to the back…

    I wanna jump into 1x, but with these problems, I don’t think it’s that better, or that you ride better. Also, it’s slow for tarmac, and hard to get the perfect cadence uphilll.

  16. $420 for a XX1 casette? Why when I can swop a new 42 T on a new SRAM 1070 12-36 cassette paired with a new 30 T off brand up NW ring up front and a new 10 spd chain all for $300 US… an entire drive train that works quite well too, I might add for $120 less than a 12 spd cassette.

  17. Does anyone know why Sram have stopped making the XX1 Gold Crankset in 175mm? I’ve just bought everything in the Gold now I can’t get the Crankset to match?

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