With the recent announcement that industry has united around a new metric standard for rear shocks, many fans of the Imperial standard undoubtedly feel left out in the cold. But fear not! PUSH Industries has your back with their new OVO (Ob-VEE-ous) Metric Shock Conversion Kit- which comes with the guarantee that it will change the way you look at shock sizes. Get the deets on this revolutionary new system after the jump.


The global leader in aftermarket suspension tuning components developed in anticipation of market response to the brave new world of metric. From Henry Horrocks, PUSH Sales and Marketing Guru, “Obviously we’re ramping up for the barrage of phone and email traffic regarding the NEW Standard. Current rear suspension almost seems un-rideable in imperial sizes….there’s just no ‘pop.’ “

As Darren Murphy, PUSH Imperial Leader, put it, “The OVO (Ob-Vee-Ous) kit just makes sense. When we first heard of the proposed new sizes it was nothing but high-fives and smiles all around! Giving consumers yet another Standard to work with….uh, duh they’ll love it! That being said, we knew there would be some challenges navigating the new sizes. The OVO kit just brings an obvious solution to the matter.”


The kit, developed out of an “obligation to address the average rider,” includes a Quality Tape Measure, Premium Solar Calculator, as well as a proprietary OVO Metric Shock Conversion Worksheet.

No word yet on availability. MSRP €149.00/£118.00**

**Additional Options shown but not included in price



  1. Sweet! Now I can figure out which shock will fit on my Enduro bike with the OVO kit! Damn I’m glad that someone came up with a way to convert numbers from the old system to the new standard! Looking forwards to more “pop” from my same shock!

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