Today SILCA releases two models of pump based power meters for the measurement of pumping forces, energy expenditure, left/right arm balance, and pump injury prevention. These Handle-based power meters can be purchased on new pumps, or update existing SILCA SuperPista Ultimate Pumps. The goal: to revolutionize the upper body workouts of road and mountain cyclists alike through the precision measurement of tire inflation power with a strain gauge-based power measurement system located within the pump handle.

The vision for this amazing project came from realizing the diverse needs of the world’s top cyclists according to SILCA president Josh Poertner, ‘We saw our professional road cyclists wishing to strengthen their core and upper bodies in the off-season but then wishing to pare weight to extreme during the season. Look at Chris Froome, 20 grams of upper body muscle could cost him the Tour, yet he still has to inflate his own tires for much of the year’ For this purpose SILCA has developed variable stroke volumes which can alter stroke force required to inflate your tires. ‘This allows our Mtn athletes to continually build strength over time which has resulted in some dramatic strength improvements and injury reduction. While our road athletes are able to avoid injury in the off season, but then still become nearly skeletal in their upper bodies during the season.’


During the development of the Ultimate Ultimate Power Handle System with their pro athletes, SILCA identified another growing market segment: Competition. SILCA will also partner with STRAVA on ‘Pump Racing’ which allows inflation athletes to compete against other athletes in categories such as ‘MAX PSI per Minute,’ ‘Max Stroke Velocity’ and ‘Max Stroke Frequency’ as well as setting records for inflation of various tire sizes.

By summer SILCA hope to reveal an Inflation Racing zone on the Zwift Island. ‘Inflation racing is now one of the fastest growing competitive areas of STRAVA,’ Said Poertner. ‘We really see the future as being virtual racing of virtual inflation. This allows athletes to begin competing even before they begin competing..really it’s just a win-win for everybody. Best of all, you won’t even need to buy an indoor inflation trainer, you will be able to use your existing power enabled pump.’


Two options will be available:

Power Pump Ultimate Ultimate will feature 0.5% accuracy across both sides of the handle and adds an injury prevention feature to the app.
MSRP $1450

Power Pump Ultim Ultim features 1.0% accuracy by measuring only right arm power and multiplying by 1.8 to create a model of total pumping power.
MSRP $1150


  1. Burton on

    The bigger April Fool’s story is when Josh Poertner first took over the company, and we all had high expectations that were never met.


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