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It seems like every time we turn around someone is coming up with a way to ditch the pack. Bad news for hydration pack makers, good news for anyone looking to lighten the load on their back. Box has apparently taken a moment away from the development of their long awaited drivetrain to come up with an interesting take on the water bottle. The BTTR bottle (Better Than The Rest), is half liquid, half storage and may or may not be the perfect way to stash some goods…

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Like most bottles these days, the BTTR bottle is BPA free and consists of two halves that snap together with their T-Lock system. To keep the T-Lock from sliding apart, the bottle includes a silicone band that slips around the two halves. Up top is a standard water bottle with a fairly basic spout that will hold 13 ounces of liquid. For longer rides you’ll likely have to add another bottle. Underneath is another compartment with a large screw top opening. This compartment is large enough fit a number of items including an iPhone 5 (without a case), certain sunglasses, multi tools, bars and food, and things like your car keys.

At just under 10″ long, the bottle is a bit taller than Specialized Purist 26oz bottle which could make it difficult to fit in some frames. But generally speaking, if you can fit a large Purist or Podium bottle in your frame, the BTTR bottle should fit as well.  BTTR Bottles will sell for $19.95.


  1. Or you could, you know, have a dedicated bottle in one cage and storage in the other. I don’t think a bottle with half the usable volume at the same size and weight is ‘bttr’ at all.

    Better yet, nowadays there are some really fancy shirts being made with pockets in the back that hold a similar volume. We don’t yet know if the technology will stick, but as an early adopter I have my high hopes.

  2. Hydration packs won’t go anywhere. How else will you emit that “I’m a ‘core mountain biker who is starting a 60-mile backcountry epic” when riding your bike 0.8 miles down to the coffee shop?

  3. do you really believe a person would wear a hydration pack in order to impress another person? props, comments section.

    • @Padrote. I do believe that people use or wear products to fit in with a demographic that they would like to be associated with. This helps people feel comfortable within a group or class that they want to be part of. So based on Flatbiller’s comment, and from what I see around town, yep he’s right.

  4. Just man up and use the rocks lying around as tools like your ancestors did. And drink your own sweat as it pours off your lip. Then you won’t need tools or water. Everybody’s happy.

  5. So every time I take a sip of I have to bicep curl my flat kit?
    So in the event of a dropped bottle I can potentially drop my iPhone as well?

    Sign me up!

  6. IS it April fools again? Half a bottle and half a tool kit won’t get me very far at all ! And I just bought a 100 oz camelbak because 70 wasn’t enough…

  7. I want one. I am riding 4 different bikes and moving the emergency kit between bikes is a pain even when I have built up a collection of multiple saddle bags and tools. I am thinking put everything in here but the bike-specific tubes (which I’d tape up under the saddle) and just move it between bikes. For my errand runner this is going to be perfect since I just carry it with me after locking up the bike. I can live with losing 1/2 a bottle of water storage.

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