Framed Bikes offers a full line of bikes heavy on the fat tires, but you just can’t have a complete line without a plusser these days. The carbon Marquette 27.5+ takes care of that at a price that might put you on a carbon bike sooner than you thought. Check out their budget friendly build & color options ahead…


With most of the attention having been on their fat bikes, Framed saw the demand for plus bikes and took the opportunity to offer riders a carbon bike for what many charge for an aluminum. Standard equipment on the Marquette will include hydraulic SRAM DB5 brakes, Alex MD50 rims, and a RockShox Reba fork. They offer two stock, competitively priced builds with a SRAM GX bike coming in at $1,999, or $2,199 with a X1 group.


If one of those builds aren’t exactly what you want, Framed has been known to tweak or change stock builds…never hurts to ask. The bikes are available now and they will soon have an aluminum version in the works we suspect will fall far below the $2k mark.


  1. Just a rumor, but I heard their carbon fat bike frames are heavier than similar carbon fat bikes. Cheaper carbon build keeps the price reasonable for carbon but it is a bit thicker so not as much weight savings as other high end carbon frames. I suspect the same here. But pretty tempting if it’s so affordable

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