2017 Schwinn Vantage RX1 disc brake drop bar road city bike

The Schwinn Vantage RX1 might just be the bargain bike of the show. Coming in at just $1,599, there’s not a generic part to be found. Instead, you’ll find name brand bits from SRAM, Formula, Fizik, FSA, VP and more, plus a new flared drop bar to improved ergonomics. All hung on a custom butted alloy frame with carbon thru axle fork outfitted with SRAM Rival 22 and hydraulic disc brakes.

But what’s going to catch your eye first is the elastomer decoupler that separates seatstay forces from fully reaching the seatpost…

2017 Schwinn Vantage RX1 disc brake drop bar road city bike

An elastomer between the seatstay and front triangle provides up to 15mm travel. That’s a max, it’s really there to damp vibrations and soften big hits. They offer different durometers – this one comes with firmer, and flat bar versions come with medium firmness.

2017 Schwinn Vantage RX1 disc brake drop bar road city bike

Up front is the TransX AntiShock stem, which also uses an elastomer to provide a little cushion. It clamps to an alloy steerer tube, which transitions to carbon for the fork’s legs.

2017 Schwinn Vantage RX1 disc brake drop bar road city bike

The bike has 45mm tire clearance, and it uses the FSA Gossamer road “disc” cranks that offer better chainstay clearance on bikes with the wider dropouts required to fit discs.

2017 Schwinn Vantage RX1 disc brake drop bar road city bike

Hidden rack mounts make this one a capable commuter or even casual tourer. It’s rolling on Formula hubs laced to Alex rims with Continental Sport Contact II 700×35 tires. OK, so you do get Schwinn gel bar tape, alloy seatpost and their flared ergo handlebar, but they’re connected to a VP headset and Fizik Ponente saddle. Not a bad package for $1,599.



    • Maybe, if it’s urethane, it may last as long as the frame. Think of urethane bushings on cars and how much more force they need to take.
      Also, you get get different durometers which means that you CAN replace them, or they’re making them as a tease to customers and they can’t actually be fitted which I doubt;)

      • Follow-up: I think the issue will be whether that elastomer will be available 10 years from now when it actually needs to be replaced. Being replaceable and available are two very different things.
        I’d honestly just expect the rider to keep on riding as it probably doesn’t affect it too much and the decline in performance will be gradual.

  1. Seems Cycling Sports Group would have built this bike under the Cannondale or GT name. I would think it would sale better under those names. Anyway nice looking bike.

    • Maybe they’re trying to restore the Schwinn brand and the reputation of Schwinn quality. Schwinn has had a few mid range bikes for a while. Maybe Schwinns aren’t selling so well at the department store level anymore because that reputation for quality is all dried up and old hat, so they want to use the brand for their durable non-race offerings.

  2. Seems like Dorel is slowly recovering the brands that Pacific Bikes bought and ruined. Mongoose, GT and Schwinn are in, at least a bit better shape now, then they were under Pacific.

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