Want power measurement and a crank upgrade for one low price? Praxis is offering their Zayante hollow forged crankset with chainrings pre-installed with the latest 4iiii power meter for just $499.

The Zayante cranks normally run for $299 with chainrings, and the 4iiii power meter has an MSRP of $399, so you’re saving $200 off the package price. If you’re not already running a Praxis crankset on your bike, you’ll need to nab one of their bottom brackets, too, but you’re still all in with a fresh set of everything for well under $600. Details below…

4iiii recently updated their power meters to measure forces in three different ways, which added a finer level of accuracy to their already very affordable unit. They broadcast in Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ and should talk to any modern cycling computer.

Praxis’ crank arms use their M30 spindle, which starts at 30mm diameter and steps down to 28mm on the non-drive side, sort of like an oversized SRAM GXP crankset. That lets them use a thrust bearing design where the left side of the spindle essentially locks itself against the bearing. And despite the 30mm size, it fits on most any frame thanks to their assortment of bottom bracket solutions (BSA threaded, BB30, PFBB30 and Specialized OSBB) ranging from $50 to $85.

Choose from 170, 172.5 or 175 millimeter arm lengths and you’ll get the complete crankset with 52/36 chainrings installed. Then pick the BB and you’ll get a free M30 BB installation tool included with the package. The deal’s only good in the USA and Canada, full details here.


  1. I think there may be some undisclosed health risks with power meters. Every time I’m around someone who’s talking about power output, I feel ill and need to leave.

    One ride with no electronic devices, and only the desire to have fun, is the cure.

    • I rode my road bike up to the very summit of Mt Baldy last friday. It was a 17 hour return epic from Santa Monica. I keep my watts under 200 the entire way so I was fresh enough to tackle whatever came my way and still feel strong all day.

      Training with power ensure you can pace proper to do stuff that you or nobody else thought was possible.

      Then I uploaded my ride to Strava to show others where I went.

      It is 2016 bro! Get with the times haha.

      Pace smarter, explore more, spin to win and share that smile on yer dial brah. 🙂

      • Gawd, I wonder what the real hardmen did when cranking their heavy steel bikes up the Alps with 10 ratios (or less), no electronic anything and heavy wool jerseys? Interestingly, I am pretty sure they could spank anyone with ‘all the gear’ into the ground…

        Regardless, nice work Praxis. These guys do great stuff, are a great team and seeing them make great offers is a tops thing to see.

        • Nope, GCN network did a test with the same power on a modern vs an older stock bike. The differences were bigger than you’d think

          • “Nope, GCN network did a test”

            The test would’ve been compelling if only the old steel bike had been the right size for the test rider..

        • So everyone has to be the reincarnation of Eddy Merckx on some ’60s era bike or they aren’t worthy? Bonus points for dying of heat exhaustion on the ascent of Mont Ventoux?

          Your only error was that you forgot to quote The Rules.

          • @NoFunAllowed, no fun for you. The point of the comment was more along the lines of you don’t need all this ‘stuff’ to ride a bike, or to tell you HOW to ride. Get on it and ride. It’s pretty simple really and if you bonk, learn from that and go do it again… a little wiser this time.

          • Of course seems to the implication that people riding with electronic devices aren’t having fun. Of course, there’s no meat in such a claim, but that doesn’t keep people from going on about those danged electronic gadgets.

  2. This is a solid deal, although obviously the limitation is that it’s left side only, unlike other full crank solutions like the Powertap C1.

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