Coming out of Norway, the KerVelo simplifies the recumbent bike concept and gives it a unique cargo trike option all from the same frame.

The KerVelo is driven directly at the front wheel by incorporating the pedals directly into the hub, but still has up to 18 gears. Around the hub is an oversized disc brake rotor, plus two more standard brake rotors at the rear. A locking mechanism keeps it fixed upright or released to lean into turns like a traditional bike. When you don’t need as much cargo capacity, swap the rear end for the single wheel section and it becomes a recumbent. Check the video and more below…

If the idea of steering the front wheel while pedaling seems odd, just remember, you probably did it as a kid on your Big Wheel. The difference here is you have gears. And traction.

The project is on Kickstarter looking to raise about $50,000 to cover the first two production runs. They’ve partnered with Cyfac and others to make the chromoly steel frame and parts.


  1. “swap the rear end for the single wheel section and it becomes a recumbent”:
    It is a recumbent whether it has two or three wheels. (Though as recumbents go it is very upright, bordering on crank-forward territory.)

  2. Very interesting product.
    It’s look like a Pinion gearbox in the front wheel… very smart.
    It is not on my budget right now but i am looking forward seeing review from future customers.

    • I don’t think you can cut yourself with the rotor, it is not sharp and the pressure you can apply will be low… but get burn might be possible.

    • About 56 years of bike enthusiast for me and I agree, this is most significant concept change for optimizing efficiency and endurance.
      I don’t comprehend this as evolving for mountain biking but I’m visualizing myself doing a coast to coast pavement ride with the trike rear end.

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