catlike cloud 352 aero road bike helmet

The Catlike Cloud 352 is their new aero helmet that comes with two different aero top covers, one perforated and one solid. The top covers bolt on, and the perforated piece uses more than 300 small holes to allow air flow while still directing the excess smoothly over the top. The solid one further improves aerodynamics, but can also be used to keep rain or freezing air off your noggin. Check out closeups, video and more below…

catlike cloud 352 aero road bike helmet

You could shed a few grams and open up the ventilation by leaving the cover off but a) it wouldn’t look nearly as good, and b) it may not be as safe. In other words, the helmet is designed to be used with one of the covers in place.

catlike cloud 352 aero road bike helmet

Inside is ample padding and channeling, and larger front and rear vents provide far more opportunity for air flow than most modern aero road helmets. The straps use a new sliding connection point where they meet under the ears for quicker, easier adjustment.

The Cloud 352 became available in Europe in late April, U.S. in July.


The Olula is a new mid-level helmet with their dual position (height, tightness) cranium adjustment. It borrows their trademark aesthetic from the Mixing, but with a less porous, low profile design that sits lower on the head. Available in Europe now, U.S. in July.


Shoes were launched in Europe last year, and they came to the U.S. at the beginning of April. Both use the same uppers, but road uses a graphene/carbon sole and the MTB one has a more flexible graphene/nylon sole with treads. Dual BOA closures and a smal Velcro strap keep it snug along with grabby textured material inside the heels. Whole sizes only thanks to a stretchable one-sided tongue that keeps it form fitting to fill in the gaps.


  1. ” it wouldn’t look nearly as good”…. Hahahaha… seriously!? What in the world could possibly hurt the looks of this thing!?

  2. There is no good excuse to not offer half sizes minus the least expensive models and the rational to keep costs down. Cost is the ONLY benefit to not having half sizes. Width is not the only factor in getting shoes. I wanted to like them, they look great but no half sizes rules them out for good unless I just happen to try the full size and it works…that’s a 50/50 chance or probably less for me.

  3. If a guy wears the orange helmet he better chew on a cigar and snarl to passers by that, “Yeah, I’m a male lady bug, so what!”

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