After having both a bicycle and motorcycle stolen from him in London, inventor Yannick Read decided he needed something more than just a lock. He needed something to alert him to the thieve’s activity before they could get away with it.

Something loud enough to wake him up in the middle of the night, and something loud enough to scare the thieves away and get everyone’s attention. The solution was Bike Mine, a miniature bomb that you strap to your bike that’ll go off the second someone tries to wheel it away…


The kit includes three “cartridges”, which are basically small shotgun shells with the pyrotechnics fully encased (without any projectiles), the mounting bracket and the trip wire.


As the video shows, you simply load the cartridge, set the pin and string the wire from it to your spokes. The rubber backing protects your frame from physical damage, though we suspect it might leave a burn. The real question, then, isn’t whether it’ll scare thieves away, but how many times you’ll set it off before you automatically remember to check it before you leave…

Back the project on Kickstarter for £49 and you’ll get the kit shown above. Support it with £99 and you’ll get two kits plus an extra three shells to set up a “perimeter defense” for your entire garage.


  1. Wow, why limit yourself with a bang, why not just out up a Claymore mine? Your bike will stay in place, and in the morning all you have to do is to spray wash away the shredded remains of the bike thief?

    Seriously, what is this Nutcase thinking, or he just got over-excited from a bad case of prepper-frenzy? Just park the bike in a safer place, get better locks, or both. Idiotic.

  2. I don’t even know where to start. Toddlers? Large dogs? Nearby leaking propane tanks? Your own leg? Some of your flashy Rapha tights? Litigious would be bike thieves? Litigious passersby?
    I’m sure it was good for a laugh over a pint, but actually making it is about three steps further than this should’ve got.

  3. Now that it is known, couldn’t said thief just knock out the cartridge or hold the pin until they remove said cartridge, or cut the string and push in the washer, or just remove it as the user will do? Its not like this thing is inconspicuous.

    Seems an awesome prank device though.

  4. Sometimes I think up funny bike products, chuckle a moment, and then immediately admit to myself a basic reason why I shouldn’t really go ahead and do it: because it’ll attract police attention.

    IMO this is … one of those things. Don’t get me wrong, on a personal level, I adore it. I’ve thought up all kinds of ways to booby trap my garage using light and sound to disorient a would-be thief. But… that’s one thing, it’s within a private building rather than out in broad daylight where it may easily be mistaken for something sinister.

    So, I like it, kinda, but not enough to use one myself.

  5. Not to be Mr. Buzzkill, but I suspect this is probably illegal in the US. I think trip-wire type devices are outlawed most places here. So, have fun getting sued by the guy who tried to steal your bike… and you might get charged with a crime!

    (Not legal advice… obviously).

  6. “hey, why is the school locked down”

    “they found a bike with a bomb strapped to it, bomb squad is defusing it now.”

    “Oh Shit…”

  7. Dumbest idea I’ve seen all week. There are so many possible unintended consequences that it boggles the mind. I think the guy who invented this is destined to get sued into oblivion and rightfully so. Being afraid of getting your bike stolen doesn’t give you the right to deploy explosives anywhere you see fit without regard for how it will impact the lives of others.

  8. Atta boy Yannick. Now please design one for e-bikes that detonates when a sensor detects it being ridden off-road.

  9. I love it but it seems like a waste of time. If your preference is to employ something that uses 12-Gauge primers then just just cut to the chase and use the full shell ’cause I doubt anyone here would feel obliged to report anyone seen taking care of a bike thief. But given that this might result in a long and uncomfortable holiday should the wrong person coming across your piece of civil service please feel free to use my idea of running mains power through your steel frame! (btw, please let me know how it goes…)

  10. Looks perfect for use in DC. No question would scare off a would-be thief and wake you up to notify you someone’s trying to jack your bike. I’d buy one.

  11. What could possibly go wrong with an explosive device on your petrol filled motorbike…

    I’ll hook the garage door handle up to the mains electricity as well whilst i’m at it

  12. If you’re going to pitch such a blatantly stupid product, at least go all in on it.

    -Motion activated, linked to phone app via Bluetooth so the owner doesn’t set it off
    -Put it in a saddlebag so it’s inconspicuous and goes off right behind the thief as he rides away (hilarious)
    -Offer a “premium” version that weights 10g less because it’s constructed out of CF and “a proprietary alloy” at a 200% markup

  13. It’d be better to have it mounted in the seatpost and have a saddle with a open section in the middle of it. This has awesomeness written all over it. Maybe mount it inside of a water bottle so it doesn’t look so obvious.

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