Ever wish you could put that one special item somewhere in easy reach but know there’s no way someone makes a mount for that? Well, now they do.

The Bikase SuperBand straps or mounts to just about any part of your frame and then straps just about anything to it using strong, highly stretchable rubber straps. So whether it’s a mini pump or snack bar or a full size rain jacket, it now has a home. Check the video, details and more pics below…


It’s available for a pledge of as little as $20 and holds anything up to 3″ in diameter. Spend a bit more and you’ll get the kit with a bolt-on handlebar mount, too. Or mount it to your frame’s existing water bottle bosses…which makes it a great addition to touring forks that already have those mounting points on each leg.


You can also use it on just about anything else that the strap will fit around, adding mounting options to more than just your bike. Check out the Kickstarter campaign to nab one early.


  1. Holy sh*t a bike kickstarter that isn’t dumb. & it’s from a company with experience who probably isn’t promising unrealistic delivery timeframe. I am amazed.

  2. Well, that’s about the silly-est thing I ever did see.

    I’m NOT amazed. In fact, I’m overwhelmingly un-impressed.

  3. Do you guys not see that your essentially paying 20 bills for a rubberband and a hook. No matter how nice the rubberband, rubberbanding something to your bike is still going to look like a hack job. Count me out.

  4. I like it has a foam base insert to cushion flat things, & remember that when you buy something as a Kickstarter part of that price is funding !!!

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