elevenpine baggy cycling shorts zip tight to be form fitting while riding then loosen up for social after ride events

You know those times when you need to hammer on the bike but will be finishing somewhere other than home and chillin’ for a while? Those are the times ElevenPine’s new convertible baggy shorts were made for. They use a patent pending side zip design to become more form fitting while on the bike, then loosen up when it’s time to relax. Check out the videos and more pics below to see how it works…

elevenpine baggy cycling shorts zip tight to be form fitting while riding then loosen up for social after ride events

Besides looking a little fitter on the bike, the design keeps them from flapping in the wind or snagging on the saddle when you’re trying to get off the back for descents. The women’s Kickitup Skirt trades the side zips for drawcords to cinch the sides while riding.

The ElevenPine team is based in Boulder, CO, and has a few ex-Pearl Izumi folks on board. They had a few early production items on hand at Sea Otter, but if you missed that, they’re available for pre-order now while the first full container makes its way to the U.S. (they say it’s on the water now).

Videos show how it works for the men’s baggy shorts (above) and women’s Kickitup Skirt (below).

elevenpine baggy cycling shorts zip tight to be form fitting while riding then loosen up for social after ride events

Two styles of shorts and one skirt are offered. The Crankitup is the more MTB-ish version with a more casual appearance and stretch woven fabric, pockets, snap closure and belt loops. It retails for $99.99 ($89.99 pre-order deal) or $149.99 with their Liberator padded liner short ($129.99 pre-order). The Uprising uses a simpler elastic waistband but gets zip front pockets and a lighter 4-2ay stretch fabric. Retail is $89.99 or $139.99 with liner ($79.99/$119.99 pre-order), and it’s also available for women. The Kickitup skirt is $59.99 ($53.99 pre-order) or $114.99 with a women’s specific Liberator padded liner ($99.99 pre-order).



  1. chase on

    They need to combine them into a single short with pad and offer a bib version. Neat idea though. I like the idea of a zip to baggy option vs. any of the actual baggy shorts I have tried.

  2. Antipodean_eleven on

    As one ELEVEN (velo) to another Eleven (Pine), those are pretty neat! @chase shorts with inbuilt pads always blow, too much compromise going on for a good fit. Personally I’m a shorts over bibs sort of guy.

  3. MBsteve on

    I just really like the idea of baggy shorts that you can tighten up, especially if it helps keep the extra fabric out of the way. The “you don’t have to wear spandex to the post-ride dinner/beer” argument is an added bonus.

  4. bob 88 on

    What problem are these trying to solve? They are baggies over padded shorts. What to go tight and light? just take the baggies off.

  5. chase on

    guys- when I go shorts over bibs, I always get the shorts riding down or they snag. I like it all in one myself for that reason. JMO

  6. Endoholic on

    I picked up a pair of Uprising shorts from ElevenPine when they were in Fruita a few weeks ago and I gotta say I am completely sold on them! Great fit and much cooler temperature wise than I had expected. Raced 18 Hours of Fruita and the Grand Junction Off-Road in them and finished 1st and 4th respectively. Could’ve gone with spandex but I love the way these look and feel. Being able to unzip to baggies while your waiting for your lap or hanging out for podiums is pretty sweet too! I’ve even ridden them baggy on the more tech trails around here and they were cooler and provided more dexterity than either my TLD or Specialized shorts. Love em!


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