Orbea just announced their latest World Cup XC race bike, the 2017 Oiz, for their top level dirt racers. Now, they’re teasing a new Orca for Team Cofidis rider Geoffrey Soupe, complete with spy graphics to keep everyone guessing as to the lines.

It’s not uncommon for Cofidis riders to get an early ride on new bikes – they were testing a disc brake version of the Orca earlier this year, but that one carried the same lines as the version introduced in 2014. This new one appears to have thinner seatstays, and they meet the seat tube at the top rather than coming in a bit shy of the top tube, well under the seat clamp area. Beyond that, it’s difficult to tell much else is different, what with those pesky hands and handlebar blocking our view of the top tube.

Fortunately, we’ve got more pics (and a preview of upcoming Scott Addict disc and gravel bikes), below…



The hidden seatpost binder is new, and the shaping around the head tube is less dramatic, which we’re guessing is an effort at shaving grams from the frame. Aerodynamics and comfort were hot topics with the redesign in 2014, so we’re guessing there’s no step backwards there. In fact, the thinner seatstays are sure to improve compliance claims.



Fork legs look straight, just like the current version, though we suspect there are plenty of layup and design tech stories to be told. The official unveil date is August 1 and release date in September, but this one will be raced at the Tour de France from the start through the first rest day.



Like Orbea, Scott was willing to send over a few teaser images. We’ll start with the rough road variant, the Addict Gravel. It was introduced just last year, so we’re not expecting big changes to that bike, and these look pretty much the same save for spec and graphic updates. Above is the Addict Gravel 10  with a SRAM 1×11 drivetrain, below is the 20 with Ultregra 2×11.



The pure road-going Addict was last updated as a MY14 bike, so it was about due. From an aesthetic view, it’s not much different, keeping it’s minimalist tube set to stay light. What’s immediately noticeable (other than the addition of disc brakes) is the change in cable entry ports for the disc model. Rather than one port for the brake to enter the top tube and another for shift cables to go through the downtube, both now enter at the center of the headtube to run through the DT. It’s not a bolt-in clamping port like on the gravel bike, but it comes in at the same point. Above is the Addict Premium Disc with the new Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 group and a full complement of lightweight Syncros wheels and cockpit parts.


Below it is the Addict 20 Disc with Ultegra mechanical, followed by the Addict 30 (below) with 105.2017-Scott-Addict-30-Disc-brake-road-bike

Pricing, availability and even the launch date are TBA, but they’re definitely coming. More as we get it.


  1. Not a fan of “under the downtime” graphics. Who can see them?! Other than that love the Scott bikes. Please give us the prototype custom “Camo” version from last year.

  2. I don’t like the move towards hidden seat binders. They slip, put more stress on a frame, and they must be heavier. Are they more aero? With pumping legs churning up air flow, does it matter?

  3. i think that orbea paintjob is the same idea as car prototype paintjobs. Designed to make it hard to see the contours of the pre-production model.

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