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There are already a lot of bike bags on the market, but that hasn’t stopped Salsa from introducing their new  EXP Series. Why more bags? A lot of it boils down to better fitment on their own bikes. When you control both the size and shape of the bag along with the frames that you’re making them for, items like frame bags can be tailored for the best possible fit. There were also items like the new Anything Cradle that didn’t really exist.

Depending on what you’re looking to carry, and what bike you have, the EXP Series looks like an excellent way to take it with you…

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Rather than using a standard handlebar bag, the new Anything cradle provides a few different options for storage. Sold in three configurations, the Anything Cradle is sold as is, with the Dry Bag, or with the Dry Bag and front pouch. Built with an injection molded cradle and forged aluminum arms, the cradle is said to have an 8 pound weight limit which Salsa says is enough to carry something like a pack raft up front. Pricing is set at $75/$99.99/$149.99.

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Promising to be the first in a series of bike specific frame bags, the $119.99 Cutthroat frame pack is naturally for the Salsa Cutthroat. Offered in multiple sizes to perfectly fit the frame, the bag is weather resistant with fully welded zippers and includes a number of storage tricks. Inside is a velcro divider as well as a D-Ring to mount a hydration bladder, while the non-drive side has a flat map pouch that will also work for other small items.

Not pictured, Salsa will have a top tube bag available for $49.99. Meant to bolt to the top tubes of many Salsa bikes with bosses, the bag will also mount to other bike frames with universal straps. The bag is weatherproof with a fully welded construction and PU-coated fabric.

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Finally, Salsa takes on the seat pack with their massive EXP model. To make it unnecessary to line the insides with a plastic bag to protect from water, the bag uses PU-coated materials with a roll top closure to keep the contents dry. The bag also employs the use of 1000D material on the lower portion of the bag which functions as a fender due to the position of the bag. Additional storage is available on top with a stretch cord system, and the bag will retail for $119.99.


  1. Wow kind of a slap in the face to Eric at Revelate. He has done branded salsa stuff for years for them. I wonder why they decided to snub him.

  2. Let dealers build your brand – then sell to REI. Let Revelate build your bags – then knock them off. Brilliant (deleted) business model.

  3. Heard that they decided to do that because Revelate now makes their bags overseas due to demand. Not sure this is true…

  4. Luckily as consumers we have a choice on what we buy. Speak with your pocket book. I love all of my Revelate bags. This new Anything Cradle doesn’t look that slick to me, easily breakable when I end up going over the bars. The arms that attach to the bars look like they’d snap like toothpicks. I’ll stick with my Harness from Revelate and of course… my SalsaTi Fargo.

  5. Like the first reply, what about that Red Rival 22 Cutthroat for $2999 in the background? I believe the lead was buried in this instance.

  6. behold the corporate mega behemoth that QBP has become. Test out the market with Eric’s bags, sell a motza, make your own instead. Get all the independent dealers to support you and help you build your brand, then sell to REI.

    I can think of a whole bunch of ex-Q staff that are laughing right about now.

  7. Small brands like Revelate and Restrap have been testing and making these bags in the US and UK and it seems that all the brands are chasing this market including Sala and Specialised .

  8. The current stock status for Revelate Design bags on QBP? 0…0…0. Salsa likely realized the amount of missed revenue from Revelate’s failure to keep up with demand and decided to move on. I love Revelate bags, but it is hard to sell them when we can’t get them.

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