polar m600 activity tracker gps heart rate monitor wrist watch

When cycling comprises only part of your routine, it’s helpful to have a device that stays with your from sport to sport. And one that goes in and out of the water and doesn’t require a chest strap is a bonus. For that, the new Polar M600, which slots in between the M400 and V650 but adds a few new tricks.

Powered by Android Play, the M600 can use something like 4,000 apps in the Google Play universe, adding a ton of 3rd party functionality and voice control on top of Polar’s Smart Coaching features. The watch uses a six-LED sensor to measure your heart rate through the wrist and GPS to track your ride, run or whatever it is you do…

polar m600 activity tracker gps heart rate monitor wrist watch

Smart Coaching features include Running Index, Activity Guide, Activity Benefit, Smart Calories, Heart Rate, Training Benefit, Sport Profiles, and Running Program. Just pick your poison and the watch provides real time guides to put you in the desired HR zone. Then sync it all through Polar Flow (which can then transmit your workout data to Strava, etc.) to see your progress over time. And that training, sleep quality and related info can be shown through the Flow app on both Android and iOS.

But, if you’re running an Android phone or table, you’ll be able to sync your music and play it from the phone without needing your phone. And when the device is within Bluetooth range, you can also see and reply to texts, check social media and calendars, and even change the watch face. Four gigabytes of onboard storage let you load up plenty of apps to view on the 1.3″ touch screen. Battery is good for 10 hours of GPS-tracked training time or 2+ days of constant activity and sleep tracking.

The silicone band comes in white and black on the watch, with a red strap coming as an aftermarket option after launch. Retail is $329 (€349) when it comes out later this year.



  1. It’s about time these companies start integrating with Android Wear. Opens them up to a ton of apps and development. I really wish Garmin had gone this route with a few of their watches and bike computers. Someone needs to make a bike computer with AW, it could be pretty spectacular.

    • Garmin subsystem is Android. But I rather see these systems closed and using their own App Store like Garmin IQ. Android is a mess and we don’t need that complicating things. Bike computers have a wide profile of hardware diversity.

      • “Android is a mess” I’m guessing you’re an Apple user. Have you been to the IQ store? It’s full of terrible apps and maybe 30 or so per device, most of them being buggy watch faces. And I think Garmin charges their developers a fee to even get in the store. Open Android is the way to go with a ton of fully developed apps made by companies that know what they are doing.

        • Also, the Android Wear app (play) store is separate from the other app stores including Google’s phone (play) store. In other words, these apps are designed from the ground up to work with Android Wear and Android Wear along, and @myke2241 has no idea what he’s talking about.

  2. these need to start integrating a music player (bluetooth) for runners 😉
    but also at 329USD for a bike rider.. isnt a cheaper head unit + chest strap cheaper and better anyway?!

  3. @xxx This one does have Bluetooth music, 4GB of storage so you don’t have to bring your phone at all.

    @myke2241 Android Wear is pretty much the only good watch OS right now and Polar finally brought it to (good) sports watches. Connect IQ has a very small selection of terrible apps, mostly watch faces. Apple watch isn’t a real sports watch, nor is the Moto 360 Sport or the Samsung Gear S2 sport. Hopefully Garmin and a few other fitness companies get their act together and start using AW.

    • I personally think AW sucks. I never liked android and think the interface is pretty lame. AW is not really geared toward fitness either. Garmin has a wider range of fitness products that are really nice. I just purchased a Garmin Fenix 3 HR and the thing is amazing!

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