Specialized torch heat sensitive color changing bicycle paint

Specialized sponsored athletes heading to Rio will be carrying a different type of torch with specially painted Tarmac, Amira and Epic FSR bikes that change color in the heat. While they may stay full yellow down in Rio, the effect is quite spectacular, and it’s found on the Evade helmet, too.

The three bikes and lid are part of a larger collection of clothing and gear available in limited quantities. Check out the video to see it change…

Athletes from around the world will get the new bikes, with the U.S. represented by Lea Davison (MTB) and Gwen Jorgensen (triathlon).


The Torch paint transitions from a deep red to bright yellow as the temperature rises above 71ºF (22ºC). It’ll be offered on the Tarmac S-Works…


…Amira S-Works…

Specialized torch heat sensitive color changing bicycle paint on Epic FSR S-Works

…and Epic FSR S-Works frames.


Complete bikes will also be offered in “Momo Orange”, as they’re calling it. Expect a $250 premium over non torched framesets.

Specialized Torch momo orange Evade aero road helmet with color changing paint

They’re offering torch-themed shoes, gloves, jerseys and bib shorts to match, but only the Evade S-Works helmet gets the color changing paint.



  1. Yair on

    No way will this ever get into the pro peloton… too easy to see the hidden motors – you won’t even need a camera!

  2. 6ix on

    For Papi: Hypercolor shirts were popular back in 1990-1992. Leaving your hand on the material for only a few seconds made it change color pretty dramatically. Just had to leave the shirt in the freezer for it to recharge. Was really a neat product until they went too far and turned them into shorts. Pubescent males wearing heat-sensitive shorts really weren’t a good idea.

  3. Greg on

    Well, now if the UCI will only make this kind of paint mandatory, there won’t be any more need for other mechanical doping tests. 😉

  4. Kieselguhr Kid on

    This is going to get really embarrassing for them when the colour-changing paint highlights the motors they have in their seat-tubes! 😉

  5. Antipodean_eleven on

    Cool, Hypercolor (was it cool at the time? I can’t remember.), or maybe Hotwheels, for bikes (if you have kid’s you’ll know the colour changing Hotwheels cars). Ha, everything old is new again.

    Little known fact… Hypercolor was a product originally developed for the military for use in desert warfare, where it went light in the heat of the day and dark at night.

  6. Bazz on

    $250 extra for the paint? If there was no extra charge above the normal (expensive) Specialized prices I’d actually be tempted to sell my bikes and drink the Specialized Kool Aid…

    • Veganpotter on

      Their bikes aren’t any more expensive than the other top brands. Trek’s higher and carbon is similar to S Works stuffs

    • Flatbiller on

      What do you mean by “Kool Aid”? I never understood this term. I think it’s just thrown out there whenever someone buys something that someone else doesn’t approve of, for whatever reason. It’s code for, “My purchase was better than yours,” you know, the type of stuff bandied about on an elementary school playground.

      As Veganpotter implies, do some research before vomiting unsubstantiated gobbledygook.

  7. MaraudingWalrus on

    It’s definitely cool. I just know that around here I’d just have a yellow bike. Would never see the orange outside.

  8. Jim E. on

    This paint was incredibly cool during Saturday’s men’s road race. They were red in the shade and elevation of the climbs and bright yellow down in the city. The women’s race must have had much cooler weather as they were red the whole race. Never saw the helmets change much though, too far away from the pavement, maybe? Anyone know how much this stuff costs per gallon or which company makes it?


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