Minneapolis, Minnesota based Kinetic has just pulled the curtain off a new electronically-controlled and web connected resistance unit for their indoor trainers that brings a new level of training capabilities to their unique line-up. Known for their unique Rock and Roll trainer that requires a cyclist to balance the bike as they train, rocking back and forth to better simulate an on-the-road feel and work on a wider set of stability muscles, Kinetic will now connected resistance training to this and other stationary trainers. The new Smart Control resistance unit is a step up from their current top-of-the-line Smart setup that previously included power calculation and output to mobile devices, but now Smart Control takes it a step farther by adding interactivity to the training experience…


Kinetic is calling the new Rock and Roll Smart Control the first free moving electronic resistance trainer, which isn’t a big leap since their pivoting trainer is still quite unique. This flagship trainer will take over the top slot in their line-up this fall, and unlike a lot of product introductions at this tradeshow time of year, Kinetic will have the new trainers rolling out of the door by late September to get you spinning the legs indoors through the coming colder months.

The new connected Smart Control resistance unit is electronically-controlled and includes a high-mass flywheel for the highest inertia of any smart trainer on the market. No details have been released yet as to what wattage range or simulated grade the resistance unit will be able to reproduce through the app-based immersive control, but we’ll report back when we know more.


It carries over Kinetic’s quiet operation, accurate & reliable power data collection, and realistic ride feel. The Smart Control unit connects via Bluetooth Smart to compatible mobile devices and their updated Kinetic Fit power training app, that combines ride data and personalized training with video integration, with the option to stream youtube playlists, your own DropBox stored video, and even The Sufferfest videos with a subscription. Every new Smart Control trainer or separate power unit comes with 6 months of Kinetic’s Smart training plan and workout subscription. The new Smart control setup is compatible with iOS & Android devices, and 3rd-part y apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad, which will be able to provide feedback and resistance control.



The new Smart Control resistance unit will not be restricted to their top-tier Rock and Roll platform either. It will also be available on their fixed-base Road Machine for about three-quarters the price. The Rock and Roll, Smart Control will sell for $850/750€ with the full side-to-side motion road feel, while the fixed base Road Machine, Smart Control will go for $650/580€


The Smart Control power/resistance unit will also be sold separately for Kinetic owners who want to upgrade their current setup. It’s no small upgrade though, at $550/500€, but will offer the full connected, power calculating, and resistance controlled functionality to current Rock and Roll, Road Machine, Magnetic, or Cyclone trainer owners. The unit bolts on in a few minutes, and will instantly expand the immersive training experience.


  1. David on

    “but will offer the full connected, power calculating, and resistance controlled functionality”
    Did I miss the part that describes the resistance controlled functionality? Typically, this is simulates up to #### watts or ##% grade. After last year’s release of a smart trainer that just broadcast data, I’m curious as to how ‘smart’ these are. That said, I do like my original rock and roll trainer and the prices seem somewhat reasonable.

    • Joel Stewart on

      The Smart Control does allow Applications to control the resistance. We’re still finalizing our spec sheet as we want to validate all of our claims against production units (which are being boxed up now). More information soon!

  2. greeng on

    I have high hopes for this trainer. I will be buying a smart trainer this year for Zwift use, and have owned a Kurt Kinetic for many years. All that said, after using their power add-on and software (clunky at best) I wonder if they pulled this off… Hope so – maybe DCRainmaker will review….

    • Cory Benson on

      Well @Journey, details are still thin on the final specs, but the gist of it is that: yes, the 3rd party apps will be able to remotely adjust the resistance of the new Smart Control unit for an immersive virtual ride experience.

  3. tank on

    USB port… curious to see if that’s strictly for firmware updates (or to directly connect to third party apps to circumvent data drops).

    • Joel Stewart on

      The USB port is indeed designed to connect to 3rd Party Apps. We are already in discussion with the App developers you would expect would want this and will have more specifics later as we get closer to launch day.

  4. Groovey on

    Hopefully they improved from the previous experience with the Inride powermeter, it was a terrible product. Inaccurate and very glitchy (dropouts, crashes which required you to remove and reinsert the battery,etc..).

    • Joel Stewart on

      The inRide firmware update fixed the dropouts, the crashes and the need to remove the battery. It’s been a rock solid device for the last 9 months and a very affordable way to get into Power Training!

  5. kerrold on

    really happy to hear that this unit can be purchased separately as an upgrade. just bought a rock and roll and about to go in my first spin with zwift. i like that you can buy the cheaper, “dumb” unit and add this later if it turns out to be the bee’s knees. im all anout quality, long-lasting, upgradable gear. way to go kinetics!

  6. Dr D K Pedley on

    Hello, I have just read about the new electronic resistance unit. I am a big fan of my rock and roll (mainly because It has cure the dreaded ‘turbo numb nuts’ syndrome). I would be keen to upgrade but the unit is quite expensive. Given your unofficial title as the ‘green machine’ have you considered a discount if the original fluid unit is returned to your factory? Some sort of buy back scheme? Let me know what you think.

  7. Bill on

    Yes…I would agree. Love my R&R KK trainer…and want the upgrade unit but it is a hard pill to swallow considering if I were to buy this unit, I would have a total of $1150 in my RR Smart Controlled trainer that someone else can buy brand new for $850. I guess this is how us early adopters are treated…

    Yes…some sort of trade in for a perfectly good fluid resistance unit would be welcomed…

    If not…I will be better off waiting until KK gets all the bugs worked out with unit #1. I will not go through that pain (like the inRide) again and have something like this come out at the end. Ridiculous.


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