There are some beautiful wall mounts out there, many looking just as good empty as filled with your precious ride. But if you’re stowing it in a shared space or amongst strangers, perhaps something that adds a little security is in order.

The Airlok does just that, borrowing locking technology from parent brand Hiplok’s other products. It mounts securely to the wall (how securely is up to you), then locks your bike in it while you’re away…

A decorative cover, which comes in multiple colors, hides the hardened steel framework and mounting bolts and is locked in place when the bike is secured in the chamber. Each one is keyed uniquely and comes with a code you can register and use to order more keys in the future.

The soft, curved rubberized holding pad belies the tough, nearly impenetrable internals. While it won’t ship until January, expect it to share the Sold Secure  designation with the Hiplok chain locks.

Check them out on Kickstarter to nab an earlybird deal as low as $130 (£99)…or just to watch them trying to break into one. Standard retail will be £130.


  1. Very pretty. My only thoughts is that it would be nice to have a plus version with a cable loop for your wheelset. Perhaps it’s possible to take a cable with no lock and route it beside your top tube behind the large cylinder. That way you get one secure lock/key but a bit safer.

  2. I like this idea for my garage, for added/extra security. It’s my house, my garage, but my kids don’t always shut the garage door and this would give me a little more piece of mind.

    • This is a good use for it. Doesn’t seem secure enough for public places/locations, but at home, it adds extra security. I’ve thought about locking up my bike at home just because…

  3. I wonder if they have a solution for those of us that use frame bags; those are not the funnest things to remove/install on a regular basis.

      • This comment makes no sense. Are you implying this is for commuter bikes only?…or are you assuming any bike with a frame bag like a mtb or gravel rig isn’t used on a regular basis? You do not make sense.

          • And be self supported on long solo rides miles and miles from any road or assistance how? I don’t like wearing a pack, a half-frame bag carries my pump, basic tools, emergency tube, and sometimes food/beer. Not all of us ride a commuter in the city. Another useless comment.

  4. The first picture shows the handlebar nearly on the wall. That tells me this doesn’t sit out very far. What happens if I want to lock up my bike with 800mm handlebars? For that matter, what about bikes with sloping top tubes? Seems very road-centric.

  5. Is anyone else wondering if they’re actually using “hardened steel,” and if so, then why? Someone is dumping some money into this thing, and I can’t figure out why, other than aesthetics.

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