With their PRO component brand, Shimano had already made inroads to affordable mountain bike cockpit with their everyman alloy Koryak XC & trail line-up. But now to add to their stems, bars, and fixed posts, PRO are introducing a new dropper seatpost to get the most out of technical off-road riding. The cable-actuated dropper give mountain bikers 120mm of infinite saddle adjustment with a integrated cockpit option and stealth routing…


The new PRO Koryak dropper post could be a pretty important development as it is the first suspension component (the air cartridge at its heart) to come under the Shimano umbrella. It’s not clear whether Shimano set up a new division just to deal with cartridge design or brought specialists into their regular cockpit component design team. 


In any case the alloy post is said to offer a smooth drop, paired with a fast rebounds via its replaceable air cartridge. That gives the post infinitely adjustable 120mm of throw, with the post available in 30.9 or 31.6mm diameters and a zero offset head. Shimano says that in addition to the cartridge, bushings will be readily available to make the posts easy to service for smooth dropping for a long time.


Working with their own integration Shimano has developed two bar mounted remotes depending on your cockpit setup. A typical two-position up/down thumb lever can be mounted on the top of the bar on either side in addition to your normal controls. Or a more push-button lever that mounts via I-Spec II to the left brake for those running 1x drivetrains or Shimano’s new Di2 Syncho Shift setup. Either way the setup runs on Shimano’s Optislick cable and housing for a smoothly-actuated, internal routing setup.


The Koryak dropper claims a total system weight of 520g, including the remote and cable/housing. (It’s worth noting when you compare dropper weights that sometimes only post weight is quoted.) The posts will be available later this autumn through regular dealer channels.


  1. Bikewithnoname on

    I’m hoping that this has the usual Shimano build and design quality because I am tired of using droppers that need to be serviced/repaired every 2months because they get stuck up/down/half way! Yes I am talking to you KS, Rockshox and Fox!

  2. Woody on

    This is a re-badged Tranz-X JD – YSP12 that’s doing the OEM rounds at the moment (PNW, Chainreaction’s Brand-X, and a slew of bike brands – Marin, Whyte, etc). Looks like they’ve used a different head/clamp and a tweaked lever and locking collar. I’d expect the Tharis 150/170mm JD-based versions in a few months time…

        • Gabe on

          Shimano isn’t the type of company that rebadges products AFAIK. They tend to test things into the ground; especially in recent years. Is it possible? Sure. But I doubt it from my knowledge of the company and my experience with their product training and reps. Why risk their reputation without putting in their own engineering? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  3. Reformed Roadie on

    Can I buy just the i-spec lever? Will there be an i-spec B version, for those of us still enjoying XT785 brakes?


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