It’s formal debut is coming next week, along with a “new category” from the brand, but the Rocky Mounts MonoRail Swing went ahead and introduced a new type of rack by combining a swing-away design with their tray-style hitch racks. That means full access to rear doors, lift gates, hatches and trunks.

It’s only for 2″ hitches and comes standard to carry two bikes at a time, with a third bike add-on available. The tray style design holds the wheels in place while the telescoping arm clamps down on the front to keep anything from 20″ to 29er wheels secure. And it does that without touching the frame or fork, even on fat bikes with a Bluto fork. Spacing between the bikes is roomy, too, keeping 197mm spaced fat bikes from getting too cozy…


It has a proprietary anti-wobble chromoly hitch tube that’s lightweight and corrosion resistant, a locking hitch pin, and a cable lock. Retail should be $529.95, with the third bike add-on running $149.95. There’s also a non-swinging version, simply called MonoRail, that’ll come in 1.25″ and 2″ hitch mount versions and retail for $369.95.


    • I agree with Chris, I have used my Freedom Superclamp on two small cars now (Jetta and Fiesta ST) and it works great, its light and locks down to the car and bike to slow down theft.

    • I had a Hard Dog hidden hitch installed and use a Kuat Transfer 2 bike on my ’04 MSM and it’s been perfect. If I had it to do over I’d probably just get a regular hitch, as I never wind up actually hiding the hitch receiver, and rarely remove the bike rack. The Transfer 2 is nice because it’s super light and not that expensive for a tray style rack.

  1. @Andrew – I used to have a ’91 Miata and really liked the Saris Freedom Superclamp to tote bikes around with. Easy to use, secure and, most importantly, lightweight.

  2. This answers my prayers. I have full size van with barn doors that hit every bike rack out there. I will be able to open up my back doors more than 8 inches at last.

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