Components aside, this is the thing I’m most excited to try out this coming cyclocross season: Joe’s No Flats Mud Killer.

Assuming it doesn’t also kill frogs and nature, too, the Mud Killer spray makes it so basically nothing can stick to your frame. They demo’d it on cardboard and we watched as the water beaded so hard it virtually bounced on the surface. Check out the close up pics below, along with other new products from them and a potentially category changing tubeless tire tech from Innova…


Treated poster board on the right, untreated on the left. Mud Killer will come out October in the big spray bottle shown and other sizes and can be applied to entire frame.



Also new are complete tubeless conversion kits that are a true one-size-fits-all package. Their rim strips are adjustable both in width by simply peeling off unneeded strips to bring it down to match the inside width of your rims. The material is stretchy, letting it stretch to fit anything from 26″ to 29er, wrapping tightly around the inside of the rim to close off the spoke holes. The sealant (two bottles included per kit) then fill in any gaps. Available in standard and eco sealant options.


Not familiar with Joe’s No Flats? They make a sealant for most any situation, including specific formulas for road (high pressure), e-bikes and racing.


  1. Clark Griswold filing for patent infringement, seeking summary judgement. Griswold was first to market in 1989 with a non-caloric silicon-based kitchen lubricant which creates a surface 500 times more slippery than any cooking oil.

  2. Their products may be OK, but man……I would really have to be in a pinch to willingly give my money to someone whose company name is such a blantant me too / knock off.

    But I am sure all the fine folks at Joes would say their name is 100% original.

  3. Based on all of the warnings on the can, I don’t know how safe that stuff is going to be once you’ve pressure-washed it all into the grass at your local park… Also hopefully nobody sprays this stuff anywhere near their disc brakes!

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