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Denise Mueller set the women’s bicycle world speed record by riding 147mph while drafting a modified Land Rover. The bike was a completely custom creation by KHS and DaVinci Bikes, outfitted with a dual crown suspension fork and cirrus Body Float suspension seatpost. The latter two, along with the overall design of the bike, were to reduce vibrations and subtle bumps from creating instability, which would be disastrous at those speeds. Check out the bike and more details, below…


Other custom touches include double-reduction gearing, massive 60 tooth chainrings, custom built 17-inch dragster wheels with shaved tires, an elongated frame, and steering stabilizers.

Mueller is an accomplished bicycle and motosports racer, the current National Criterium Champion, and a 15-time National Champion, as well as a mother of three. Her coach, John Howard, set the men’s speed record 30 years ago by riding 152.2mph. It was beaten in 1995 by Fred Rompleberg of the Netherlands with a top speed of 167mph. The team said she’d like to top that number, but their current track isn’t long enough. Regardless, she’s not just the new women’s record holder, she’s apparently the only woman to ever seriously attempt the land speed record for bicycles.

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  1. Seems like an odd setup for high speed riding, but what do I know. Is there a reason they didn’t use a steel frame, 29-inch wheels, a XC suspension fork, and a more aggressive geometry?

  2. The term “double reduction gearing” is incorrect. The compound gearing is to increase the rear wheel rotational speed for a given pedal cadence above what any available combination of a single chainring and rear cog can provide.

  3. Pretty cool achievement! I would be curious to hear why her team opted for such small diameter wheels considering the stability offered by something larger. I would think you want to avoid speed wobbles at any cost. either way very cool.

    @gatouille WTF? get a hobby!

  4. Respect!

    I read in a more detailed article that the draft vehicle stays in front of her when slowing down to 100, then accelerates away to allow wind resistance to aid the braking.

    100 mph on a bike with no lead vehicle must feel pretty exciting!

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