TK stainless steel bicycle water bottle

Whether you’re wary of putting too much plastic in contact with your food or just want something that keeps a beverage cold for the entire duration of your ride (even if that ride takes two full days), Travel Kuppe has the solution. Their new TK Stainless water bottle uses double-walled, vacuum sealed construction and 18/8 stainless steel to keep drinks cold and free of chemicals while also making them useable on the bike.

No, you can’t squeeze them, but the straw-equipped lid lets you sip the contents without having to tilt your head up and taking eyes off the prize. Or, use the sippy lid for hot beverages pre-ride…

TK stainless steel bicycle water bottle

It’ll come in raw stainless and black powder coat, each coming with both lids. The shaping fits into most standard water bottle cages, and it holds 20oz. Dimensions are 9.25″ x 2.78″, weight is 250g (or, as they put it, about an inner tube heavier than a standard plastic water bottle).

Grab one on their Kickstarter campaign for as little as $25 with free shipping in the U.S. UPDATE: Original campaign was cancelled, new campaign page can be found here and has surpassed its funding goal as of 11/27/2016.


    • We pair our bottle with straw lid and sip lid. Straw lid allows you to drink out of the bottle facing forward while riding.

  1. I was just thinking about something like this for hot beverages during my dead-of-winter commutes. I had been filling my camelbak podium chill with hot water, but the water takes on a sort of plasticky character and does not stay hot for long in sub-freezing temps (although I agree with Frontier that there is no strange aftertaste with cold water).

    • *Edit* I just noticed the “related” link at the bottom of the page, and saw that Camelbak already has a stainless vacuum insulated bottle. Maybe I’ll try that one for coffee.

      • Check Klean Kanteen and S’well as well. The KK has a cage that fits the larger size insulated bottles, the S’well bottles are pricey but the insulation works really well.

        • Thanks, I’ll check those as well. Ideally I wouldn’t need to swap out a cage to use the bottle, since I routinely rotate bikes and it would be kind of a hassle.

    • I use an Origin 8 Joe 2 go with an OXO stainless coffee cup. Super secure for the cup, and stays nice and hot even in the snow. It’s on the handlebars, but I usually use the same commuter, so no biggie.

  2. My favorite use for Kleen Kanteens is as step-down growlers for triple IPA. Pour a pint, save a pint and a half growler. Stays fresh as long as you fill to the top.

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