If you’ve seen drone footage you’ve probably thought about getting your own. But then you start thinking about how expensive they are, how easy they are to crash and break, and how difficult they are to travel with (until now), and you might start to second guess the idea.

But what if there was a way to get that aerial view without needing a drone – or a really long selfie stick? That seems to be what the team behind Birdie is after. Modeled loosely around a shuttlecock or birdie, the device will help you get your GoPro up in the air without the risk of it crashing back down to earth…

birdie-gopro-fyling-device-aerial-photo-no-drone-3 birdie-gopro-fyling-device-aerial-photo-no-drone-2

Essentially a GoPro mount with wings to give it stability, the design allows you to toss Birdie up high in the air. Once it reaches peak altitude, the spring loaded wings will have unfolded making the weight of the GoPro point the Birdie towards earth. At that point either the GoPro will continue to shoot video or time lapse photos as it floats back down into your hands.

If you fail to catch Birdie, the base has a built in bumper which should protect it from harm or scratched lenses. It also floats which should make it fun at the beach. Weighing 100g without the GoPro the Birdie packs up small enough to easily fit in a hydration pack.

birdie-gopro-fyling-device-aerial-photo-no-drone-1 birdie-gopro-fyling-device-aerial-photo-no-drone-5

Available for preorder through indiegogo, the Birdie with a carrying bag (no camera) is selling for $49. Built specifically for the GoPro with a housing, it is compatible with the gen 3+ and up. &


  1. Tyni Tyres on

    You could make a big catapult to launch this thing really high. The bigger the catapult the higher it would go while keeping the Gs low enough not to damage the camera.

  2. Crash Bandicoot on

    I like this idea but why not just make a kite Version? Extended flight time/controllability over different terrain (e.g. Cornice/cliff edges etc)

    • John on

      I have tried hanging my GoPro on a kite. My power kite with a surface area of three square meters would barely stay up at moderate wind speeds at the beach. It is not safe to operate such a kite anywhere but completely open terrain. In addition to lines that can get tangled or injure someone, you are also adding a relatively heavy object that the wind can throw into any any direction without warning. To shoot video over a cliff you would need the wind to blow in that direction, however, the kite and wind required to keep a GoPro up is also be more than strong enough to pull a person over a cliff…

  3. Luiggi on

    FYI, there’s no “spring loaded mechanism” whatsoever. The guy in the video just grabs all the arms together to reduce air resistance, but that doesn’t work for too long after leaving your hands.

    • Roborbob on

      You could put it your spokes to make a cool motorcycle sound. But I believe you are supposed to ride to your preferred destination and then throw up. Great photo opportunity.

  4. ginsu on

    You’re supposed to play with it while riding your bike! You toss it up and catch it while riding! It’s great for kids who like to play in the street!


  5. Frippolini on

    How are you supposed to throw it up in the air high enough to match the photos/videos you get from a drone? How can this in any way compete with a drone? By using an end-of-barrel adapter and blasting the thing away up in the air with a shotgun?
    @ Ginsu: Really… Throw it out on the street and have the kids run after it… sounds like a sure way of getting your kid to a hospital in an ambulance.
    @ sad: +1

  6. Adrian Socho on

    My idea for video recording is to put the camera on a small kite that is attached by a 4-meter leash to the back of the rider. Therefore the video will be recorded from a third-person view. No motor needed, only a way to make the kite fly lower when there are low hanging obstacles.


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