Fabric surprised us at Press Camp this year with their new inflation line of products. Showing their new collection small, ultra practical low and high volume compact pumps, as well as fashion pumps for your townie bike, the brand said that more was on the way.

The new Garage Floor Pumps were out at the show, debuting at two tiers, and flush with highly functional features and thoughtful touchpoints. More on these after the jump.


interbike-2016_fabric-4 interbike-2016_fabric-5

In keeping with the flowery naming conventions of the rest of the fabric line, the TP01 (Track Pump 1) represents their current top tier. With a wooden handle and base as well as polished/matte body, the pump is designed to look right at home in your poshest fit studio or home shop. To aid in pump control as well as to help your inflation experience to be as rad as possible, the plywood base has grip tape like a skateboard.

The large gauge is designed to be easy to read at a distance and tops out at the pump’s 140psi capacity. The valve is designed to work with either Presta or Schraeder valves. Also, Fabric boasts a hose long enough to allow for easy inflation of tires while your bike is in the workstand.

The TP01 is available now at $99.99 MSRP.


interbike-2016_fabric-7 interbike-2016_fabric-8

The TP02 (you guessed it, the Track Pump 02), has all of the features of the TP01 but with bright blue nylon touch-points (handle and base). This highly attractive tier II option is available at $79.99 MSRP.


  1. That is really nice looking pump. An a whole lot more realistic than a silca.

    I have a compressor for car tires and wood work, by the time I have fired it up and it has pressurized I have woken up the whole house and I would have already filled both my tires with a floor pump. It isn’t really comparable.

  2. I’ve had Lezyne pump for 7 years no issues and it was under 100 dollars. Looks good too. They even send me some spare parts when I called them about rebuild options.

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