Tern promised that the Vektron would come to market as a full production bike regardless of the Kickstarter outcome, but it’s fully funded anyway. There’s still five days to go, though, so you can still nab this electric-assist folding bike for a deal. It folds down to the same compact dimensions as their non-motorized bikes, but gives you a premium Bosch e-bike system to scoot from A to B with minimal effort (or, at least, minimal sweat). The twist is that all backers will have their bikes shipped to a local Tern dealer for professional assembly and they come with a 10 year warranty. Not much of a gamble on this one. But if you want to play games, Glory Gears has got something for you…

Glory Gears is a new cycling game to fill the time between rides. Developed by former Indiana University team member Alex Bishop, the game’s designed to capture the excitement and speed of the Little 500. That’s the race made famous by IU’s Cutters in the classic cycling movie Breaking Away. There’s strategy and luck involved to get your rider across the line first, with stretch goals to add additional tactics and rules for more ways to play. Pledge big and you can get the game plus a brand new Parlee Chebacco custom painted to match Alex’s Little 500 winning bike.

This one didn’t come across our news desk as a cycling item, but we immediately thought of two very appropriate uses for it. One: Keeping warm whilst heckling cyclocross racers. Two: Keeping warm while bikepacking. The Rumpl claims to be the most packable electric blanket ever, and judging by the packed size, we’d agree. They partnered with Power Practical, which makes killer lights (we’ve backed the Luminoodle project and it’s awesome), and Ravean, which makes heated jackets, to combine those brands’ tech into this three-level, machine washable heated blanket with a rechargeable battery that’ll run for up to 10 hours…and doubles as an external battery for your phone and a lantern. Early Bird deals are closing out quick, and they’ve already met their funding goal, but you can still get a better-than-MSRP price on both the synthetic and down fill options.


  1. If I was in the market for an e-Bike, I would have no hesitation in jumping on that Tern. Josh Hon has been making folding bikes forever, first with Dahon, and then with Tern. Both companies always made quality products. That Vectron model looks like a fantastic evolution of the original “Mu” frame (e.g. Mu P8 – which itself was a great bike). Their partnership with Bosche is obviously a conscious decision to take the high-road (quality) instead of the low road (cheap Chinese systems) which I applaud. Would rather buy right the first time, than buy twice. The only downside is the weight (nearly 50lb) but that seems to be a given if you want an e-Bike…

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