Photo c. Fatback/Bergur Benediktsson

There are few places in the world that seem as perfectly tailored to fat bikes as Iceland. Between the snow, glaciers, lava fields, streams, mountains, etc., it seems like there is endless terrain and endless possibilities for different rides. That’s probably one of the reasons that Lauf added the Carbonara fat bike fork to their product range. To highlight the fork, and the versatility of the Fatback Skookum, Bergur Benediktsson put together this mega clip of almost every adventure you could think of. It this doesn’t make you want to get out and explore Iceland on a fat bike, then surely nothing will…

Fair warning – after the credits at 4:45 it may be considered a bit NSFW (though it is censored, and classic Jóhann)

Fatback Skookum fat bike review trail fatbike bluto 120mm suspension-9

It’s no Iceland, but I can verify the Skookum’s versatility from riding it in my own back yard. Looks like winter is finally coming – who’s excited for fat bike season?



  1. quitou on

    I spent a month riding in Iceland on my Salsa Bucksaw. I wouldn’t say the actual riding is great, but if you’re going to have less than great trails, there’s no better place to have them than Iceland. An amazing place to explore.

  2. bearcol on

    That’s some backcountry goodness. Too many boring, machine built flow trails these days. Glad I have bigger wheels for the rocks that have been removed from my local trails.

    • Keith on

      Amen! There a too many MTB trails that can be ridden on a road bike! I appreciate the time invested by so many to build the trails, but I don’t enjoy the sanitizing of them.


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