Need to get your kid shredding alongside you? The Propain Frechdax gives them 90mm of single pivot travel with a shock tuned to their pint sized weights (max rider weight is 40kg). The frame works with a 100mm fork to support both 16″ and 20″ wheels and comes complete with either for €1,399 to €1,599. Of course, a small frame for small riders needs small parts, so they’ve got a complete line of touch points to fit them that are sold separately, too…

From grips to pedals to saddle and more, Propain’s kids cockpit selection and cranks fit the smallest riders and make it easy for anyone to upgrade any cheap kids bike they may already have.

The S’cool XXfat won a 2014 Eurobike award for being the first 20″ production fat bike, giving little ones a way to keep up in the winter, too. It’s also available in a 24″ wheel version, both of which are available with the lower top tube design (foreground) or the traditional double triangle shown up top. This helps them fit smaller, younger riders or just accommodate the awkward mobility induced by snow pants. The frames are alloy and get a HiTen steel fork running Vee 4.0 tires and Tektro mechanical disc brakes. Price varies by country, starting at €699.

Hilite is a Swiss brand that showed off gorgeous titanium road and gravel bikes, but they had this balance bike for the tots. It’s ready for a disc brake in the rear. Not a stock item in their catalogue, but if you ask really nicely (and are willing to pay for it)…

The Kiddimoto Karbon, however, is a stock item with an official price tag. Do you really want to know?

So did we. It’s €999 and is available in either a gloss or matte finish. And it’s all carbon save for the wheels, tires and bolts…and the saddle, which is a custom kid-sized gel saddle that’ll keep them comfortable as they put in the necessary miles to justify such an expense. Frame weight is a mere 350g, making this the lightest production scoot bike in the world.

Eurobike normally has test tracks around the venue for adults to test out the latest and greatest. This year, the kids got in on the action with this sweet little obstacle course set up. Nice!


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