Blu Dot x Handsome bike, side

Are you forgetting an important milestone? Neglecting to recognize a significant year for the love of your life? No, surely you remembered… 2017 is the 200th anniversary of the bicycle! As a little celebration, World Bicycle Relief is looking for partners and fundraisers to support their continued effort to provide their Buffalo Bikes to people in developing countries.

The best part is, you can help the cause by buying yourself a slick new commuter! Minneapolis-based furniture design house Blu Dot and Handsome Cycles have collaborated on a new stripped-down single speed city bike (seen above), which they’ve simply called the Blu Dot x Handsome Bike. For every one sold, a Buffalo Bike will be donated to a developing community in the buyer’s name. Check out the city slayer you can own, and the rural workhorse you can send someone below…

WBR Buffalo Bike, side

A bicycle can be a life changing tool for those in developing countries, especially when long distances make it very difficult to obtain basic needs. In communities with donated Buffalo Bikes, WBR has found many successes; for example student attendance increases up to 28%, community health care workers can make up to 45% more visits to patients, and dairy farmers can deliver up to 25% more products to consumers.

WBR Buffalo Bike, angle

Designed with utility and durability in mind the Buffalo Bike features a unisex steel frame, steel forks, a single-speed drivetrain, fenders, coaster brakes, and two clever touches for hauling cargo- a rear carrier that holds up to 100kg’s, and a rear wheel stand that holds the bike upright for loading/dispensing goods.

Blu Dot x Handsome bike, rear

The Blu Dot x Handsome Bike is also a model of simplicity, boasting some of the same features as the Buffalo Bike but in a more modern, polished package. It’s a single speed steed with a coaster brake, and the frame is a unisex design. The construction gets a bit more advanced, as the collaboration bike features a Handsome Fredward double-butted 4130 chromoly main triangle frame and a matching Fredward chromoly fork.

Blu Dot x Handsome bike, Brooks seat and grips
*Photos courtesy of Blu Dot

The bike rolls on city-friendly 700x32c Panaracer Pasela tires and sealed bottom brackets, front hubs and 1-1/8 threadless headsets are included. There’s not much else to talk about in terms of components, but Blu Dot and Handsome didn’t skimp on the contact points with Brooks’ B17 saddles and lock-on leather grips.

The Blu Dot x Handsome Bike sells for $799 USD, and comes in powder coated grey only. Frame sizes 49/52/55/58/60cm are available, but regardless of what size you buy you’ll feel big for being charitable!


  1. Why wouldn’t I just donate directly and buy any other bike? This is like those 10% of proceeds will go to a charitable cause with a 20% upcharge things.

  2. Having grown up in a “developing country”, I can tell you that sending yet another bike there is a total and complete waste of money. They don’t want more bikes!

  3. Drider is correct, sending donations whether in product or cash to developing countries has a net negative impact on that nation and its people. To put it simply, welfare stifles entrepreneurship and strangles the incentive to improve one’s own condition through hard work. If you doubt these statements please watch, the documentary “Poverty, Inc. ” available online. It opened my eyes.

    I am not affiliated with “Poverty, Inc.” in any way.

    • David,

      I have not watched “poverty, inc” but I will check it out.

      I have raised money for world bicycle relief in the past and can tell you that the bikes are donated to allow persons who live in villages far from water, their job or school to get to these places in a more timely manner and allow them more freedom of movement. If I recall correctly, they also work with someone local who is interested in being an entrepreneur and help them establish a bicycle shop. This insures that the bikes will continue to be maintained (or at least have that possibility) and that there is a new viable business in the area. I believe in World Bicycle Relief and encourage you to read more about them if you have time.

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