We’re less than two weeks away from the 2017 USAC Fat Bike Nationals, but some racers are already looking ahead to warmer weather. Now in its third year, the US Open Fat Bike Beach Championship will be heading back to Wrightsville Beach to crown the King and Queen of the sand. Even though the course will be a bit less difficult this year with less of the soft sand which made for grueling straights, Race Director and Chairman Shawn Spencer says the course will still be still be exciting for both racers and spectators. Since the course is laid out in a mile long oval right on the beach, it’s extremely spectator friendly and it will also feature more obstacles this year to keep things interesting for competitors.

If a beach vacation with a little racing thrown in sounds appealing, check out the details next…

Photos courtesy of Cape Fear Gear

Divided into three categories, the 8 mile beginner, 16 mile sport, and 24 mile expert race in both men’s and women’s. If you’d rather race fewer miles but with more friends, a team race will split 24 miles between six team mates for four miles each. There will also be adventure cycling clinics on Friday with a fat bike tour of Masonboro island on Sunday, with the race falling in the middle on Saturday, March 11. Last year, the event drew about 60 competitors, though this year it is expected to be capped at 100 participants.

Accomodations are available through Blockade Runner Beach Resort which is the host hotel and also the starting point for most of the activities. The entry fee to race is $65 which will go up to $95 after March, 1st.




  1. Steady Eddy on

    I competed in this race the first year it was held. Racing 24 laps on the beach in the sand was fun and challenging. I still have my cool bottle opener we got winning our classes. I’d do it again if I didn’t live in Cali now.


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