The Rovr Campr is a wheeled 80-quart cooler that’s made for hauling off the pavement and into the woods. And now, thanks to the Bikr attachment, it’ll follow along on the ride to keep you and plenty of friends hydrated. It’ll hold up to 96 cans, or use the included Organizr to separate fruits, vegetables, sandwiches and other soft goods from the ice to keep them from getting crushed en route (don’t worry, there’s still plenty of room for bevvies). The Campr comes with the Organizr, cup holders and the Preppr, an attachable cutting board to ease meal prep.

  1. “Soda” storage, and lots of it
  2. Organizr
  3. Preppr
  4. Cup holder

They say it’s bear proof, and it comes with tie down hooks to strap more stuff to the top. It packs 2″ of insulating foam all around to hold ice for up to seven days. Rugged 4-ply rubber tires prevent it from drifting behind you and should last much, much longer than the hollow plastic ones found on most coolers. The Campr comes in orange, green and gray and retails for $549. Add the Bikr trailer tow bar separately for $69, or get it as a bundle for $599 and save $20.

UPDATE: The Bikr attaches by putting an axle adapter behind the quick release nut, which then acts as a quick connect for the trailer. They say they can customize it to fit a they axle if that’s what you need.


  1. You could purchase a Bob Trailer or Burley Flatbed Trailer and a separate cooler for less and have cash left over to fill it with beer. Plus, it would work better.

  2. Yeah, gotta agree with Aaron…..I don’t find that trail worthy. With a BOB trailer I can continue to ride as I normally do. With this I’d have to baby it along the trail.

    Seems like a cool idea for rolling down to the park or beach….but I think they are trying to oversell it at a good idea for off road.

  3. Those small plastic wheels are a disaster waiting to happen. Maybe it’s fine for taking on a very slow ride on the MUP, but this is shown off road, and I’d be worried about the stability on any terrain not perfectly flat and smooth. Needs larger rubber wheels.

  4. Agreed, also you could hit up Craigslist, and save even more. I see Burleys going for ~$100 all day long. I’ve already got a Coleman cooler that stays cold for seven days. Plus rolling on semi-pneumatic ~5″ tires will have every beer in your cooler will be shaken to the point of explosion after a few hundred meters. The Burley will give you 20″ rubber you could air down to a reasonable psi and keep the ride somewhat plush.

    But seriously, $549?

  5. This is a premium roto-molded cooler designed for week-long ice retention, durability and has tons of versatile features – pop up wagon bin, table, dry cold storage and cupholders – all included. Definitely, a made in America price and It’s a beast behind a bike because of the MBS mountain board wheels. Here’s an offroad field test –

    • Price really is a bit steep imo, so much so that it would prevent me from being interested. BUT, that off road test was legit! Granted, not the rockiest gnar out there, but if it can handle some berms and wood features, it proves it’s worth. Let’s face it, no one it hitching this up at the top of A-line to take a run. Not really the purpose. So for what it is, seems to work well.

    • Yeah, that was by no means an off-road test, no roots or rocks, and it lacks ground clearance. This frame looks great but seems let down by the wheels.

    • I would hit the first root or rock on my trail that my rear tire clears and the cooler doesn’t, flying over the bars like superman. At least I would have ice and beer at the ready.

  6. If you are really going to ride over anything but swept pavement that thing won’t last 5 miles.
    A BOB Ibex is the only way and get a cooler to fit it. Has suspension and a single large pneumatic wheel.
    Pull the cooler and give random kids a ride as well!!! Watch their parents have a heart attack.

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