We talked about the new adjustability and button customization of the latest generation of Shimano’s E-Tube based Di2 groups most recently with the introduction and our first ride on the new R9100 series Dura-Ace groups. Well now to pair with those first rim brake R9150 & disc brake R9170 Di2 groups making their way out into the world, Shimano has just rolled out their updated E-Tube App so so can you can set everything up how you want to from your iOS or Android mobile phones & tablets. Find out what groups you get to customize, and how after the click…

images courtesy Shimano

Paring via Bluetooth from iOS and Android devices the new app will let you customize all manner of Di2 functionality, from Synchro shifts to which buttons do what. The app was first introduced as an iOS-only platform with the mountain Di2 in XTR & XT, but now Android users get to join in too.

For the road, compatible Dura-Ace and Ultegra Di2 groups with wireless transmitter compatibility will let you control the setup of shift buttons on the levers, satellite or climbing shift buttons, or the top buttons on Dura-Ace hoods. For Di2 mountain bikes or commuter groups – XTR, XT, STePS MTB & City, and Alfine – you get the shifter button customization, plus flexibility to add other switches into the system as well. You can even remotely control shock modes on Di2-compatible suspension platforms.

Besides controlling the function of Shimano’s own drivetrain, this latest update extends the ability to control 3rd-party devices, like scrolling though screens on your Garmin GPS or turning on an off wireless light systems. It also is a two-way street sending info like Di2 battery life & gear selection yo your GPS.

The tablet apps also brings almost all of the service, setup, and diagnostics functionality that had been reserved for the PC Di2 software. That is a big boost for Mac users who had to run the PC app on a Windows based machine (the wired desktop application remains Windows-only, but really only adds passcode recovery security as an additional feature) for a lot of the more techy setup & troubleshooting details.

Just to quell some security concerns, the wireless control is tied to a strong passcode that the user sets up at startup. Shimano says they have made it very secure against tampering, and password can only be reset or recovered with a physical wired connection to a PC. So your shift button arrangement and Di2 function should be safe as long as you don’t leave your phone lying around, logged into the E-Tube App for your riding buddies to fool around with!


To use all of the new mobile customization you do need the latest generation internal battery (BT-DN110) that packs more processing power (yes, it hurts my brain everything I have to think about the fact that Di2’s battery can think). On the road you’ll need the latest inline EW-WU111 wireless transmitter unit.

Or for mountain bikers either the SC-M9051, SC-M9050 or SC-MT800 display units. If you have one of the previous generation E-Tube road groups, updating the battery and transmitter will give you the wireless functionalities and extra customization.

Download all of the new customization apps from Shimano’s dedicated E-Tube Project site.



    • Not much. It is a far superior system to mechanical systems the worse the conditions get. No worries at all about contaminants degrading your cables and degrading your shifting. Talk got any serious cross racer, which they think is better and there is your answer.

  1. I believe there is also a new D-Fly unit that is like the older style that attaches at the RD that has the BLE connectivity (EW-WU101 is the designation I believe). Not as streamline as the inline unit (EW-WU111) and you still need the new battery.

  2. Very likely nothing. Shimano isn’t a company to release anything, especially anything related to Di2, that hasn’t undergone some serious quality control.

    • Shimano makes some great quality products, but to think they’re infallible is pretty naive. At one point, Shimano had to recall 2.5 million cranksets. While that was a pretty low end crankset, their high end stuff is not immune either. The DA9000 cassettes had carbon spiders that were prone to cracking and the DA9000 shifters also broke shifter cables. Both required running changes.

  3. Also works with the EW-WU101 module. I’ve got the BT-DN110 battery and EW-WU101 fitted and have had my DA9070 talking to the app via Bluetooth for a few week but the new version of the app with Syncro-Shift firmware only dropped in today. I can see all the Syncro-Shift options but I’ve got to wait till I get home from work to try it out 🙁

    I’ve got the EW-RS910 bar end plug Junction-A on order (due in sometime this month) but I don’t think you actually need it to make Syncro-Shift work. It just allows easier access to the button to manually change modes without using the app

    • Still not working. It’s looking for both front and read derailleurs firmware to be at least 3.0.0 but mine are at 2.6.3 with no update available yet. So close yet so far

    • Thanks Andy for the info about compatibility with the last-gen EW-WU101. Going to try it now. Please report back about Syncro-shift without the new junction.

      • EW-WU101 is the new ANT+ and Bluetooth version of the older ANT+ only D-Fly SM-EWW01. You need it to use the iPhone/iPad app via Bluetooth. The only real requirement may just be the BT-DN110 battery but then you’d have to change modes via the SM-PCE1 and a PC

  4. i’m confused – is it compatible with only the new new, or anything e-tube as long as you get a new battery or head unit or whatever?

    • Not exactly but you could set full Syncro-Shift then have one button on one side go up a gear and the same button on the opposite side go down. The Syncro-Shift software handles changes on the FD as required as you move up or down the full range of gears with just the two buttons (one each side).

  5. Can new DA DI2 be programmed to work with a XTR DI2 rear derailleur and DA front derailleur or do both derailleurs still have to be of the same group for it to function?

    • No. They still have to be from the same group, either all MTN front and rear or all road front and rear. It will not recognize the battery if you try to mix. Shimano should correct that, but they did it on purpose.

  6. I downloaded the app but don’t have a sufficiently modern set of Di2 components that I was able to do anything with it. Interesting how restricted the chainring/cassette options are, basically if Shimano doesn’t sell it the app doesn’t show it. :-/

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