2017 Niner RLT9 Steel gravel road bike with carbon touring fork

Hot on the trail of the carbon RLT RDO launched in January, the RLT Steel gets updated with flat mount brakes and a beautiful baby blue-on-metal paint scheme. Borrowing the new RDO carbon gravel fork from the carbon bike puts flat mount brakes and an abundance of rack and accessory mounts up front, too.

Alongside this news comes revised (longer travel) fork spec on the RKT XC full suspension race bike, and a new Boost 110mm axle spacing option for their RDO rigid carbon mountain bike fork that adds a few bonus features…

2017 Niner RLT9 Steel gravel road bike with carbon touring fork

The new Reynolds 853 frame weighs in at a claimed 4.9lb (2.2kg) will up to a 700×45 (1.75″ wide) tire. Thru axles are 12mm front and rear. A 27.2 seatpost keeps things a little more compliant.2017 Niner RLT9 Steel gravel road bike with carbon touring fork

The new RLT9 Steel sticks with the PF30 bottom bracket so that you can run their BioCentric EBB to set it up as a singlespeed. In addition to the flat mount brakes update, it gets three water bottle mounts on all frame sizes, internal wire routing for Di2/EPS groups and accommodations for an internal seatpost battery. Mechanical groups will run shift cables externally, under the downtube, alongside the rear brake cable. Rack mounts on the rear of the frame complement those on the new RDO gravel fork…and the new top-tube Bento Box mounts just behind the headtube.

2017 Niner RLT9 Steel gravel road bike with carbon touring fork 2017 Niner RLT9 Steel gravel road bike geometry chart

Choose from six sizes (click geo chart image to enlarge) and three complete builds:

  • Shimano Ultegra with hydraulic disc brakes and 46/36 chainrings ($4,000)
  • SRAM Rival 2×11 hydro w/ 46/36 chainrings ($3,000)
  • SRAM Apex 1×11 hydro w/ 42T chainring ($2,500)

Look for Schwalbe G-One tires and Niner cockpits on all of them. Full specs online on Niner’s completely redesigned website, now.

2017 Niner RKT9 xc full suspension mountain bike with new longer travel fork

The RKT9 RDO moves into 2017 with the same 90mm travel frame, but bumps fork travel from 100mm to 120mm in an effort to make it more capable (and/or fun) on the downhills. With an extremely low head tube, the change should give the rider a little more confidence when it’s pointed down, too, as we felt like we were almost going over the bars on steeper drops when we reviewed it.

2017 Niner RDO carbon rigid mountain bike fork with mid-mount rack mounts 2017 Niner RDO carbon rigid mountain bike fork with mid-mount rack mounts

Rigid fans have a new Niner RDO fork to keep their rig current. The new model not only spreads things out to a 110mm Boost axle, but it adds mid- and low-mount rack mounts. While we don’t have any specifics, it’s likely this is a hint of more adventurous things to come from the brand later this year. Price on this guy is $550, and it’ll fit a 29×3.0 tire. Claimed weight is 585g with uncut steerer, and measurements include a 490 axle-to-crown measurement to fit bikes designed around a 100mm suspension fork and a 51mm offset.



  1. Before anyone complains about the wider axle width, I just have to say I’m relieved. The RLT9 frame is quite simply everything a steel frame should be in 2017, standards-wise. Flat mount, through axles, tire clearance, discs. Future proof. Good for Niner to be at the forefront of this. The entire industry went through this stupid 10-year saga of incrementally widening things by 1.024mm. I really don’t see anything beyond 142 for road and 148 for mountain bikes, and the same for the front. My only complaint is that they didn’t release this sooner. For these specs, at this price I had to settle for a porky Specialized Sequoia with a cast iron frame and boat anchor wheels.

  2. It was almost perfect, but for some reason again those 15mm axle in the front! Industry standard is 12mm front and back… No go for me now. Cant combine it with road wheelsets I own

      • Exactly! 12mm is not that much stiffer than a properly setup QR. First larger riders, 15 mm is the way to go. Swapping MTB wheels in is an added bonus. I’m glad niner went with this setup.

        • The stiffness benefits of thru-axle are only useful on suspension frames & forks. You’d never be able to tell a difference on something like this, with flexy wheels and big tires. Notice that in high-end road market, there is not one bike of note that combines T/A with rim brakes.

          The ability to swap on 29er MTB wheels is pretty useful, though.

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