When I first started working in a shop, the Park Tool truing stands in the back might have been older than I was. Eventually, mountain bike tires grew past 2.35″ wide and the stands needed to be upgraded. Back then, a simple swap of the caliper arms was all that was needed to keep those legacy stands running.

That was before hubs, rims, and tire widths started to get out of control. Over the years, Park has made adjustments to their stands up to the TS 2.2 to keep up with increasing sizes, but for fat bikes and 29+ bikes, that stand just would’t cut it. Now, Park Tool has introduced their biggest, baddest truing stand yet and unless things go completely off the deep end in terms of sizing, this one should be good for awhile…

In terms of compatibility, hub width and tire width seem to be the biggest concerns for the current TS 2.2. To address that, the TS-4 will fit hubs from 75-215mm wide (current widest is 197mm) and the calipers will fit a 5.5″ tire mounted (and inflated) to the rim with or without the rotor installed. The caliper arm will adjust to fit 16″ to 29+ wheels, and the stand has built in thru axle adapters.

Like their other truing stands that stood the test of time, the TS-4 is built in Minneapolis with heavy duty steel that is chrome plated or powder coated. The stand includes nylon tips for the calipers, and is compatible with the dial indicators or rotor gauge, and is available now for $420.

In addition to the TS-4, Park was showing their new PRS-22 which will replace the PRS-20. The lightweight adjustable Race Stand is a fork mount style with an adjustable boom to find the ideal balance point for the bike to keep things from tipping over. The front end is compatible with every quick release and thru axle standard, and the stand comes in at 12.5lbs (5.67kg). Available now for $329.95.



  1. After having some time on the ts-4, I’d say if you have a ts2 or 2.2 already and plan on getting the ts4, keep the old one around too. The extreme inward angle of the uprights with a front wheel in the stand provides almost no clamping support for the hub. It’s really nice to use on fatbikes and mtb rear (and even front when using thru axle adapters)

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