Frostbike 2017 wasn’t the launching pad of any radical new bikes for Surly, but it was a chance for some of the most loved models to get some updates. While bikes like the Cross-Check have remained relatively constant over the years, small spec changes and color options have kept them fresh. For 2017 that means the Cross-Check gets draped in a new rust/orangey paint job that goes by the name of Mule Mug. It also sees a few component changes to add to the overall look…

To go with the black bits on the rest of the bike, the Cross-Check now features a Shimano CX50 double crankset in black along with Alex Adventure 2 rims in black as well. Available now, the Cross-Check sells for $1099.

Prominently displayed at the front of the new Ogre is their chromoly steel adventure bar called the Moloko. This will become standard equipment on the Ogre, ECR, and Troll as is provides a wealth of hand positions while keeping plenty of room or bags and accessories.

The Ogre also moves to Surly’s Gnot Boost 145mm rear spacing for Boost or non-Boost hubs. Between rim and disc brake capability and more braze ons than you can shake a stick at, this should be one versatile bike for $1699 and will be available this April.

Little has changed with the Disc Trucker and the Long Haul Trucker, other than the fact that Surly is giving kickstands some love. Surly didn’t want to add a permanent kickstand plate to the frame, but there were enough people that end up putting them on the frame that Surly decided to take action. The problem is that the standard plate clamp style sold with most kickstands can crush the chain stays when overtightened. So Surly designed their own kickstand plate clamp that is shaped perfectly to fit the DT and LHT chain stays. The plate will be included with each bike allowing the option for kickstand use if desired.

Finally, Surly bags see a new addition with the Petit Porterhouse. Sized perfectly for an 8 pack of tall boys, the bag has double pockets on one side and one larger pocket on the other. Using the same construction and strap system as its bigger brother, the Petit can be mounted sideways or longways on front racks depending on your set up. Pricing and availability TBA.


  1. mudrock on

    That Ogre looks like it would be a lot of fun. A pity they put canti mounts on it. Could you even squeeze those fat tires past them? And what’s the threaded boss on the dropouts?

    • PFS on

      Its not listed on QBP yet. I really hope that it isnt as stiff as other 4130 bars I have ridden. I think that if they are using it across the line for adventure type bikes that it will be nice though.


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