maxxis minion DHF DHR II and Shorty Wide Trail tubeless ready DH casing mountain bike tires

Maxxis has gone big with their gravity treads, putting out two new versions of the DHF and DHR II tires, and one new version of the Shorty.

All three get a new 27.5 x 2.5 Tubeless Ready (TR) Wide Trail (WT) option, which is two new things in one. First, they’re the first tubeless ready option on their mountain bike tires built with the downhill casing. Second, they’re called Wide Trail, which means the knob spacing has been revised and optimized for use on 30-35mm rims (internal width).

maxxis minion DHF DHR II and Shorty Wide Trail tubeless ready DH casing mountain bike tires

Left to right is the new 27.5 x 2.5 Shorty, Minion DHF and Minion DHR II.

maxxis minion DHF DHR II and Shorty Wide Trail tubeless ready DH casing mountain bike tires

maxxis minion DHF DHR II and Shorty Wide Trail tubeless ready DH casing mountain bike tires

You’ll see the “WT” Wide Trail mark behind the tire’s width number, saving yet another hot patch logo from filling the sidewall. The “TR” and “DH Casing” marks let you know these are the new ones.

If you need to go even bigger, there’s a new 27.5×2.6 size for the DHF / DHR II, which has 7% more air volume than the 2.5. These both get TR and WT construction, again optimizing the tread pattern for use on wider rims.

Side by side, you can just barely tell the 2.6 (on left in both pics) is bigger, but they say the added volume is very noticeable when riding.

All of the 2.5 TR DH tires will be available in both folding aramid bead and wire bead, and the 2.6 and others will be folding bead only. Weights have been requested (we’ll update as we get them), available in August or September, retail is TBD.

All of these join the 27.5×2.6 Forekaster and Rekon tires that introduced the Wide Trail concept in 2015. And look for a new 29×2.6 Rekon at Taipei show later this month. The TR 29×2.5 DHF and 29×2.4 DHR II tires have been out for a while so riders with long travel 29ers have something to ride. There aren’t a ton of those out yet, but it’s a category they’re paying close attention to since more people are experimenting with that larger wheel size.

The new Torch TR is their first tubeless ready BMX tire. It’s a race-day only tire, and while it’s not UST or mean to be run without sealant, they say their sponsored riders are using no or minimal sealant. Why? Because it’ll hold air very well, and races are only about 30 seconds. This one was pumped up to it’s 100psi max two weeks ago and it’s only lost about 5psi.

The rim comes from alienation, which licenses WTB’s TCS rim profile.  Maxxis’ reps say even the lightest weight BMX tubes are about 30-40g, and those are very, very expensive, so running the Torch dry (sans sealant) saves those 30+ grams, which is very important for a full-out sprint event like BMX. It’ll come in a 20×1.75 only, retail is TBD.


  1. They make a bit of a mistake by making the knobs larger when going up on the casing size. The end result is a tire that floats on top of medium-to-soft conditions rather than digging in. Their 2.3 DHF has more grip on softer surfaces than their 2.5 because the 2.5’s big knobs just don’t put enough psi to the ground.

    The idea that the knobs don’t need to be as tall because they use more of them is also bad in these conditions.

    Regular-sized, full-height knobs, slightly wider spaced is what I’d like to see.

  2. If anyone at Maxxis stops by to check on the story:
    1) Love all your stuff. Maxxis is my go-to tire these days. Performance, durability, guys nail it. Thank you.
    2) The Wide Trail option is amazing. Feels like velcro, I’d *really* like to see it on a 29r, even at a 2.4 tire. We are all riding wider rims these days (our shop is almost exclusively building Stan’s Flows here in the PNW) and I’d love to have those outer lugs moved over just a bit even on a 29r.
    3) I’ll agree with what @ol shel has said above–and is perhaps why I still prefer a 2.4 29r for most riding. There is definitely a balance to be struck between width, float, and traction.

    Keep doing what you guys do. I appreciate it!

  3. Sorry Maxxis but these Wide Trail thing is super confusing.

    I bought a 27.5 DHF 2.5 end of last year which doesn’t have the wide trail (WT) marking on the sidewall yet according to product number and description on the US website this tire has to be a WT as there isn’t any DHF 2.5 without WT available in the first place. What now? Does this mean the first batch of WT tires was sold without proper labeling?

    For an average customer whose live is not centered around mountain bike tires it’s nearly impossible to look through all this. Even Maxxis Germany had no clue when I called them last autumn to clarify the “WT” situation.

    • There is a 27.5 x 2.5 DH version as well as the 27.5 x 2.5 TR WT.

      There is one section for “mountain” tires and on section for “DH” tires.

  4. All – a few updates made to clarify the tubeless readiness of the BMX tires and bead types for the new Tubeless Ready DH tires versus non-DH 2.6 versions of those same tread patterns.

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