The latest helmet from Troy Lee Designs packs MIPS protection into one of their mountain bike helmets for the first time. While TLD has always had a decidedly strong focus on their designs and graphics, safety has always been their number one priority in the helmet game. So they jumped at the chance to incorporate a MIPS liner into their new helmet’s unique construction that uses two types of foam for protection from both slow- and high-speed impacts.

By co-molding EPP foam for slow-speed impacts and EPS foam for high-speed impacts at key impact zones in the helmet, the new A2 offers some of the best security of any trail riding half shell on the market. Of course, slap in that MIPS liner and you also get extra protection from rotational impacts.


Inside of the graphically detailed two-piece polycarbonate outer shell, the A2 uses a filament reinforced liner that adds structure to the co-molded protection foam. With the two types of foam, the new A2 also gets a 16% increase in EPS thickness up front in the frontal lobe impact zone, and molded EPS internal ridges throughout that are said to act as improved crush zones.

The helmet gets a fixed position visor, with breakaway alloy hardware, fixed side strap points so the fit stays put once adjusted, and a 13-position rear retention setup for 2cm of vertical and 6cm of horizontal adjustment.

Ventilation is claimed to include 25% bigger intake & exhaust vents over the A1, and gets deep channeling for improved airflow. Bigger forward vents are said to offer better fit for more glasses, and side & rear shaping are optimized to pair with goggles.

The A2 meets CPSC, CE & AS NZ safety standards so is available worldwide. It comes in three sizes XS/S, M/L & XL/XXL (350g claimed for the M/L). Being a Troy Lee product it also gets a broad range of 13 colors/designs raging from solid colors, to with pinstripes, to a 50/50 pattern fade, plus a SRAM team edition and a highly reflective edition. Pricing runs $169 for the standard color schemes, and $175 for the special editions, including a soft & breathable TLD helmet bag.

It is available now, and TLD even offers express 2-day shipping for purchases over $150.

While adding MIPS to the new A2, TLD’s popular A1 has had MIPS added as well since their last update for a more entry-level price starting at just $130 in a special reduced price or as low as $83 without the MIPS liner in the version we were quite happy with in the past.


  1. I love the idea of mips but I find it makes my head sweat like crazy regardless of vents. I wish they would make it out of a breathable material.

  2. The first photo is a great example of why I hate helmet visors. The Visor is clearly blocking the rider’s view and even more frustrating it is blocking our view of the rider.

  3. I cant get over how awkward the visor is. I’m pretty sure they were designed in separate buildings and mashed together in the end. Plus, if there is anything that they should have kept from the A1 is the fit, and they didn’t do that. Cool lid—but ill stick with an A1 if my next helmet happens to be a TLD product.

  4. Is that Leigh Donovan in the last pic? Maybe Stickman is recruiting the missus for modeling duties.

    No outcry about TLD offering consumer direct, even on a brand new product, and being part of the demise of the LBS?

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