Industry Nine Matchstix thru axle tool for Rockshox Bluto

Originally shown in 2015 and then available in 2016, the Industry Nine Matchstix multi-tool-inside-a-thru-axle part provides the most common hex and torx bits in a stealthy package. Now, they’ve widened it to fit the Rockshox Bluto’s 150mm axle standard, which lets you actually carry all six included bits…

Industry Nine Matchstix thru axle tool for Rockshox Bluto

The 100mm/110mm versions hid four of the six included bits inside a sleeve slid into the thru bolt (axle). A seventh (5mm hex) is integrated into the handle itself and is also used to unthread the axle from the fork. The Matchstix also builds a chain breaker, spoke wrench (2.32mm) and valve core remover into the handle, and can fit a spare chain quick link inside, too. It ships with loose bits in 6/4/3/2.5/2mm hex and T25 torx for $160. Already have the handle on another bike? Get just the thru bolt with sleeve for $50.


  1. Chase on

    Why would I store tools in the axle which is unsprung weight(the worst kind) when a much better but similar tool system goes in the BB axle and fixes itself magnetically and has superior egos??


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