3T has partnered with Lauf to offer the Icelandic brand’s Grit micro-suspension fork on the Exploro gravel road bike. Paint matched for their white and red Team edition, the fork will be an upgrade option that adds 30mm of leaf spring suspension while still allowing a 27.5 x 2.1 mountain bike tire or 700×42 road tires.

They claim that, when settled in with the average 6mm sag, it changes the head angle by less than one degree compared to the stock build with the 3T Luteus fork. Trail is increased just 3mm. The fork comes with a five year warranty and is rated for riders up to 242lb (110kg). Explore more below…

3T didn’t have any photos of the complete bike built with the fork yet, but the matched paint should look sharp while dulling the bumps and bruises along the path.

Check out our review of the Lauf Grit! 

and our first review of the Exploro itself, which we are taking out on a mega adventure this weekend as part of a long-term review and a XPDTN3.club ride!

Fork weight is 900g with steerer cut to 210mm (full length out of the box is 300mm), and unsprung weight is 250g. It uses flat mount disc brakes (post mount adapter is available) with 160mm rotors. The fork is $790 USD (€850), available through 3T’s online store.



  1. I won’t rest until they make aero full suspension endurance gravel adventure bike with rack mounts, dropper post, wireless gearbox shifting, 60mm tires and it should weigh no more than 7kg because my performance would suffer otherwise.

  2. That’s got to be the biggest down tube I’ve ever seen, and on a gravel bike at that. Why such a stiff design for a bike meant for rough surfaces? And then their “hang loose” der hanger, where the hanger and derailleur fall out when you take off the rear wheel. Vroomen has lost it.

  3. That’s the biggest down tube I’ve ever seen, and on a gravel bike too. Why such a stiff design for a bike meant for rough surfaces? And check out their “hang loose” derailleur hanger, where the hanger comes loose when you remove the TA. Vroomen has lost it.

  4. That is a sweet looking machine. Not sure I’m a fan of the fork or not as I haven’t ridden one, but the bike itself is sexy as heck.

  5. For what its worth. I have one of these bikes. Its actually amazing with all 3 tire sizes on it. Its crazy stiff, light and fast with a set of 28’s on it and holds it own on road group rides with no problem. Its very fast and precise with 700×35-40’s and very single track capable with the 27.5 tires and a proper handle bar. One of the most interesting part about the bike is how smooth it rides in the rough stuff, my guess is the seatpost has a fair amount of engineered movement in it. I will do some road races, CX for sure and I am pondering putting this actual Lauf fork on for Leadville in August. If you had to pick one bike this one would be a very capable option.

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