New finish options for Moots and NAHBS seem to go hand in hand. In 2015, it was their etched and engraved option that debuted at NAHBS Louisville. This year it was all about that ano. Anodized titanium seems to be the hot new finish option as it adds some color to the raw titanium frame in a way that is still pretty durable. While more and more frame builders are figuring out the process for titanium, Moots says that their history with anodizing dates back to the 90’s, though they admit that the processes have changed quite a bit to allow for the bright colorful options shown above. Available as an option for any new frame or a way to refinish an older frame, you’ll have five colors to choose from…

Available in Frost Blue, Rocky Mountain Gold, Rose, Root Beer Brown, or Grape, the finish is a $525 option on new frames – for refinishes, you’ll have to get a quote from Moots.

Speaking of finishes, Moots had this Routt RSL on display that matched the finishes for the frame, seatpost, and stem to the new Chris King Emerald matte headset, hubs, and BB. Not a bad way to integrate the new parts… One caveat though – that stem deserves an anchor on the bottom for that Di2 junction box so the band doesn’t cover up that beautiful logo!


Part Shimano Metrea show piece, part urban work horse, Moots showed off their brand new Highline city bike as well. The straight gauge 3/2.5 ti frame is built around their carbon CX fork and includes a 44mm head tube, flat mount disc brakes, 142 x 12mm axle, threaded BB, and clearance for 32mm tires. Available in 5 stock sizes, the frame also includes an exclusive finish specific to the Highline that is supposed to mimic a sky line while matching well with the Metrea group. The complete Metrea build will run $5,999.


  1. While the anodized frame graphics are nice, I cannot justify the increased cost, as the frame bag on my Frosthammer covers much of the decal locations on the top and down tubes.

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