The new Jet Black Whisper Drive trainer is completely self contained, relying only on your legs to turn it on and provide the power. That’s a big change from the original version, but it means it’s more portable. It’s also far more intelligent than last time we saw it; It’ll now communicate with a training app to adjust resistance to match the training program you’re running. It’s tested for accuracy up to 80km/h and 20° grade, so it’ll handle whatever you can put into it and should show reliable, repeatable results.

Their lead engineer says it transitions between resistance changes in about 1-1.5 seconds, anticipating and smoothing the transition slightly. It works with Zwift, The Sufferfest, etc., and has built in simulated routes based on Strava rides. Their included app lets you quickly and easily build custom workouts, and your coach could build workouts and send them to you, complete with instructions time stamped into it. Or you could share your own custom workouts with friends.

The Jet Black app displays your performance in several ways…graphically or numerically. They created a basic interval workout as I watched and it literally took 30 seconds.

One of the most unique features is that not only does your pedaling power the trainer, but it can even charge your smartphone or anything else with a USB charging cable. Retail is $1000, out June 1, 2017.


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